The Guest Stars of
"The Last of the Meheecans"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Officers 1 (Charlie/Marcus Andrews) and 2, 3, 4 (Richards), and 5

Officers 1 and 2 don't see any Mexicans when we first see them, but they're sure Mexicans will continue to cross the border. Officer 2 expounds on this until he sees Mexicans going back to Mexico, and the first officer, Andrews, tells them they're going the wrong way. Officer 2 leads the team and briefs them on what they are to do: apprehend Mexicans no matter which direction they're going. Officer 3 spots some Mexicans at 2 o'clock position. Officer 2 spots them and tells them to turn around and go back to work. Andrews asks for backup and Cartman provides it. The men are tazed and dropped off in San Francisco. Still, the Mexicans get through and Officer 4 is despondent ovr that. Officer 1 agrees, lamenting that Obama's solution to the border problem was to ruin the economy, thus dissuading Mexicans from coming here to find work. All the officers brighten when they see one Mexican coming to the US. Officer 5 welcomes him in with the other officers, but Cartman doesn't like this after he sees who the Mexican is. He tries to stop Butters from crossing the border, but Butters outsmarts him and hops over the fence.

El Pollo Workers 2, 1, and 3, Nurse Jimenez, Patient, and Doctor, President Calderón

The El Pollo Loco workers are doing their work when Butters announces that he is Mantequilla. They stop and look at him, then talk amongst themselves about how famous he is and about what he's saying - that he wants to get back to his friends. They think he has friends in Mexico and decide to go along with him, since they have friends there too. They then discuss how bad the conomy is here and how the US sucks now. They and Butters then drive to an ER where one of them calls out for Jimenez, who in turn calls out José and Martinez. All the Mexican staff at the ER answer the call to go back to Mexico. The doctor was waiting for the elderly man to be wheeled in when the staff up and left. President Calderón presides over Los Días de Mantequilla, a festival quickly created to celebrate one Mexican's return to his motherland. Later, Butters explains that although he's been happy to make friends all over Mexico, his friends back at home must surely miss him. President Calderón then asks him what he wants to do: stay in Mexico or return home. Butters heads for home.

Brian Ripple and wife, Mr. Geiger

The Ripples accidentally run Butters off the road when he turns around and they try to avoid him. They see that he's not hurt, so they take him in as something of a personal servant. They have him doing all the chores Americans don't want, like washing cars, washing dishes, blowing leaves into piles for removal later... Eventually Mrs. Whipple has a change of heart and they drop off Butters at an El Pollo Loco, thinking he would be better off with his kind. Mrs. Whipple cries as the couple drives away.
Mr. Geiger explains why the Mexicans are going back to Mexico: all this talk about the bad economy as of 2011 has them longing to go home, because they realize that the US sucks now.