The Guest Stars of
"You're Getting Old"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Doctor, Waitress

The doctor asks Stan about his interests and how they might have changed over the past year. He tests Stan's interests in music. When Stan has the same reaction to songs several decades apart - they all sound like shit - the doctor determines that Stan has become cynical, not merely older. The waitress is concerned that Stan is too young to be so pessimistic.

Man 1 and Wife, Man 2, Tween Kids

The man and wife think Tween Wave sounds like shit, the second man just can't understand kids' tastes in songs, and the Tween Wave kids just think parents don't get it because their ears are old!

Janitor and Friend, Bar Patron, Steamy Nicks

The janitor and friend hear Steamy Ray Vaughn and determine to save his britches from him, as those britches (underwear) have taken too much of a beating fron Randy's farts, as far as they're concerned. They sneak into the the Marsh house to steal Randy's underwear and are later arrested for it. The bar patron tells Randy that he sucks, and Steamy Nicks just pounds her britches the way Randy does.