The Guest Stars of
"City Sushi"

by Wild Willie Westwood

The Germans

Dr. Janus, Junichi Takayama, Cashier, Customer, A Woman

After causing an Asian turf war, Butters is sent to a psychiatrist specializing in multiple personality disorder. There, Dr. Janus meets him and tries to get to know the other pernoalities inside Butters' head. Butters begins to suspect that his doctor isn't all right. Seems all of his personalties were afraid the mean one was about to take over for good, and that mean one turned out to be... Tuong Lu Kim! Junichi Takayama is the owner of the new City Sushi that just opened in town. He and Tuong Lu Kim begin a rivalry that goes through Asian Diversity events both of them plan together and ends with the death of one of them. The cashier is the first to receive one of Butters' flyers for City Sushi - and the first to throw it away. The customer didn't know that Teriyaki rice is not a Chinese dish. The woman hands Mr. Takayama a note from Tuong Lu Kim.