The Secrets of
"Crack Baby Athletic Association"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Sarah McLachlan is well-known for the ASPCA commercial which seeks homes for abused pets, which is pretty depressing to look at.

Denny's does not have a salad bar, to my knowledge.

Turns out one of the kids' fathers can play Slash pretty damn well, but his identity is secret.

Cartman mispronounced "poutine" and forgets to add cheese to the gravy in the hot tub - it's not poutine without the cheese.

Poor Kyle, being immersed in bacon gravy, eating bacon-laden dishes at Denny's...

The boys are 10 now, but they're no taller than they were when they were 8, and they're still in 4th grade.

"We fill a little ball with crack, we let the crack babies fight over it, and we put it up on the Internet!" - Sounds a lot like Bumfights

Figures Cartman would call ahead to reserve a table at Denny's.

Why is there a chilled bottle of wine next to Craig? Or is that sparkling apple cider?

"We are turning this thing into a legitimate sport, Kyle." - Shades of BASEketball, in which Coop and Remer took an original sport and made it into a league with Denslow's help.

The little white house may be run-down, but it has either new windows or the best-kept windows in town.

The hot tub reminds me of the one shown in BASEketball and the one Matt and Trey were in during the making of in some Comedy Central specials they made 12 years ago.

"Eric P Cartman" - Anyonen familiar with The Dukes of Hazzard will recognize the P as the middle initial of Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane. Cartman's middle name, if you recall from season 3, is Theodore, or T for the initial.

Matt and Trey compare the NCAA to slavery. Slaves weren't paid for their work, and NCAA players (regardless of color) aren't paid for their work either.

Guess it's back to Donovan with Clyde and his family.

The crack babies may not have a salary, but they get plenty of perks for participating in crack baby basketball.

And now, two pages from the Vunter Slash saga: