The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Surgeon General Rebecca Turnod, Aide 1, Aide 2, Aide 3

Rebecca Turnod shows up when Randy's equation for T.M.I. turns out to be too outlandish for the students and their parents and offers her own equation for T.M.I., which turns out to be the official equation, as she is the surgeon general. When the Pissed Off and Angry Party demands her resignation, she instead changes the ranges of penis length so the Pissed Off and Angry Party can feel better about itself. But Cartman stays pissed off because his penis is still below average. The first aide tells Dr. Turnod how many more FedExes had been taken over, the second aide tells her they've shut down American Airlines and American Apparels all over the country, the third aide tells the second one that a team is ready to fuck Kyle.

Doctor, Receptionist, Chase, Daniel, Gretchen, Wayne D

The doctor greets Liane and Eric and talks to Eric about his anger. He tries to provoke Cartman, but Cartman stays cool by texting someone on his phone. The doctor concludes that Cartman is pretty normal for a boy with anger issues, but he gets news from his receptionist that his wife is on the phone. He talks to his wife, who accuses him of having an affair with a 14 year old girl, which she learned of in a chat with "Mitch Connor", who, of course, is Cartman. The doctor's wife kills herself and the doctor is distraught. Cartman flatly tells him he's not fat, he's bigboned. Somehow, the doctor continues with Cartman by putting him in an anger-management class with six other people, including Goth 2, Tuong Lu Kim, and the four others mentioned above. Randy joins them all later. Daniel is a Tea Party member who believes that Obama is a fascist who wasn't born in the United States, and wants to see his birth certificate for proof. Wayne D is a wigger who wants his mom to stop trippin'. Chase doesn't like sissies, and Gretchen is a butch woman.

Clerk, Customer, Woman

The clerk asks the customer how she can help him, he says he has mail to send out. Randy and the other anger-management class members raid the FedEx she works in and destroy it. Randy later takes her hostage when the police and media show up to cover the story. The woman is another customer who doesn't want to be killed.

Girl 1, Girl 2, Girl 3

The first girl tells Randy that babies are made when a man and a woman have sex. The second one wants to know what a penis is. The third reads the first example out loud for Randy, who works it out on the board.

Driver 1, Driver 2, Driver 3

These three drivers pass by Butters' house just seconds after Butters' mom asks him what driving a car has to do with his penis size. Turns out that men with small penises are angry and drive trucks and other huge vehicles in order to vent their anger.