The Guest Stars of
"Royal Pudding"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Prince And Princess, Geddy Lee, Male, Baby, Female

Canadian PM, Leader

The Prince and Princess of Canada are set to get married, but the Princess is abducted in full view of everyone present. The Princess is found in an isolated castle later on by Ike, Ugly Bob, Scorr, and an Eskimo woman and child. Ike resuces the Princess and is knighted for it. He is now Sir Ike. The Prince and Princess resume their wedding, in which the Prince pulls off the Princess's right arm, making her a one-armed Princess. Geddy Lee, of Rush, sings a spoof of "Candle In The Wind" and breaks down when his guitarist, Eric Lifeson, blows his brains out.
This exkimo family is first seen ice-fishing before the rest of the tribe surreounds Ike, Bob, and Scorr. The family is later sent to guide the white Canadians to the castle that is holding the Princess. Well, the mother and child are sent. The mother throws her spear into Tooth Decay, but it simply pulls the spear out and throws it away. It doesn throws mother and child into a wall, but they come to later. The mother, called Katuktuk, received the Canadian Medal of Courage for her role in saving the Princess.
For lack of a better title, I took the guy in the projection to be the Canadian Prime Minister who gathers everyone in Edmonton so their leader can tell them who took the Princess and then go after that person. When that person shows up, it's Scott, who has become a giant dick. But Scott also proclaims his patriotism - why would he take the Princess? So, the Leader just tells everyone to go home, because of bad intelligence. Scott suspects some other people of abducting the Princess, but those people end up helping him, Ike, and Bob find the monster.

Pianist, Sweets, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Toothbrush, Tooth, Dentist; Touth Decay

None of these kindergartners stood out in the B story, which was mostly about Mr. Mackey losing composure as the boy who should be Tooth Decay goes missing and another boy takes his place, only to prove a disappointment to the other cast members. But they're so cuuuute.
Ike and Kyle both portray Tooth Decay in the play, but the real Tooth Decay has captured the Princess and is holding her captive in an isolated castle. Tooth Decay also took Mr. Mackey's father two years prior, and this hastened Mr. Mackey's desire to get this dental hygiene play on stage.