The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

The Germans

President Wulff, Angela Merkel, German 1, German 2

When the Germans hear that the South Park Elementary students voted them the least funny people on the planet, their leaders march into the school and hold everyone hostage. They are led by President Wulff, who does most of the speaking for them. President Wulff protests that the Germans are indeed funny people and says a few jokes to prove his point. During the hostage situation Cartman talks to Wulff about the Germans taking Kyle as an offering to make up for the vote, but the offer is rejected. The other two Germans shown give commands along with Wulff and Merkel when the Germans show up to take the school hostage.

The Comedians

Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Adam Sandler, Jay Leno

Tyler Perry is a comedian who overstays his welcome after accepting the Kathy Griffin Award from Jimmy. Token can't resist laughing at him whenever he talks (President Obama can't help it either) and ends up paying him for every joke. Everyone else decides they've had enough of him and do something about it.
Eugene Levy is the man who finds Funnybot messing around with his two daughters in the filming of a movie..
When Funnybot gets so popular that other comedians begin to lose gigs to him, they go to South Park Elementary and hold the school hostage jsut like the Germans before them did. They are led by Adam Sandler and Jay Leno. Jay begins to lose his cool and aims his gun at various students, including Kenny. Adam Sandler keeps his cool though, but what he ended up wanting to get done was not the destruction of Funnybot.

Funnybot, Guard

Funnybot is the finest piece of German engineering ever produced. His jokes and timing are impeccable and he ends up taking gigs from other, human, comedians. The Germans made him to convince the students that Germans are NOT the unfunniest people on Earth, and this succedds beyond their wildest dreams. Funnybot takes this too far and the boys have to tell him where jokes truly belong.

F.E. Warren Missile Base

General, Officer 1, Officer 2

The General and two of his officers are alerted that their missiles have been activated and are ready to go. They hear the same thing from the Russians, but neither country has actually armed the bombs. Then Funnybot appears onscreen and tells the world he's about to destroy it. The boys find a way to stop this from happening.

Sandy Cervix, Man with Afro, Field Reporter

Sandy Cervix is the host of Hollywood Minute, and he covers Funnybot's meteoric rise to stardom. The man with afro was targeted by Funnybot for one of his jokes, but the man didn't find it all that funny - the joke was a jab at his hair. The field reporter covers the massacre at the Hollywood Forum live, and begins to laugh when he describes how the massacre went down.