The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Pi Pi, Lawyer, Water Tester and Assistant, Researchers

Pi Pi runs his own water park, SplashTown. He's warned that too much pee in the pools will overrun with pee, but he ignores the warrning. Sure enough, one girl pees in the wave pool and the water park is swamped in pee and severely damaged. His lawyer threatens to sue the water tester when the tester and his assistant first warns Pi Pi about the pee. The tester tells the fire marshall about the high concentration of pee at the park and has a monkey brought forth to deomnstrate what too much pee could do to a person. The researchers assist the water tester with the monkeys.

Fire Marshal, Fireman 1, Fireman 2, Fireman 3

Police Captain, Officer 1, Officer 2, Stevens

The fire marshal coordinates the rescue effort and waits for a working antidote. He doesn't want the media or the public at large to know about the pee breach at the water park. He also gets to pee on the first human volunteer, Randy. The police captain is quick to give the antidote to everyone, but the water tester reminds him that the antidote hadn't been tested on humans. The firefighters and police officers shown contribute a line or two to the story.

Elderly Couple, Teacher, Seņor Lopez, Coucilman

Even the elderly pee in the pool, as Kyle finds out when he walks by an elderly couple arguing about it after the husband pees in the pool. When Cartman begins to daydream about a future in a minority-run world, he imagines a black teacher, a hispanicn boss named Seņor Lopez, and a black councilman, and he can't take it anymore.