The Secrets of
"The F Word"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

At no time in the episode is a Harley festival mentioned. The festivities, if any, are to follow the official redefinition of the word "fag,"

Matt and Trey may have modeled this episode after the GTA IV add-on Episodes from Liberty City.
Game 1 on that disc = The Lost and Damned (Harley Riding Bikers)
Game 2 on that disc = The Ballad of Gay Tony... though it should be The Ballad of Tony the Fag, heh.
Though it's more likely that Trey just wanted to take a shot at motorcycle riders who have ground-shakingly loud motors on their hogs.

" do anything about it." - This is the second episode straight in which Stan uses this term. Last episode it refered to the Japanese killing whales at will: "(everybody's too busy) to do anything about it! "

"Just because a person is gay doesn't mean he's a fag." - The boys do know some pretty cool gay people, like Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave, so they don't see these adults as fags. Thus, not all gay people are fags, and a fag doesn't need to be gay to be called a fag. But that doesn't negate the fact that many gay people are still called fags due to a century of usage against the gay community.

The Mayor and the four boys have a love-hate relationship here. Twice she calls them into her office to reprimand them, once they appear with her in front of City Hall for a photo op.

Biker 10 sometimes has a small goatee, sometimes he doesn't.

The lead biker and the reporter echoed the the Jim Rome/Jim Everett incident:

Father Maxi holding up a poster saying "GOD HATES FAGS" is a reference to Fred Phelps and his GOD HATES FAGS campaign.

Emmanuel Lewis - played the role of Webster in the show of the same name in the 1980s. That he is the head editor of the dictionary reveals that the dictionary to be edited is Webster's Dictionary.

"undisputable" - Emmanuel Lewis should have said "indisputable."

"Gay groups are pointing out that the word no longer means to kids today what it meant just a few years ago." - This is true in the show itself. In "It Hits The Fan" eight years ago, Mr. Garrison was rather proud that he could say "fag" because he was gay. Anyone else using the word was bleeped. In this episode all the characters can say it without being bleeped. Of course, Stan has Wendy, so he's not a gay fag. :) Now, what's happened in those eight years? Well, in Season 7's "All About Mormons?", Kyle called Gary an asshole on Gary's first day in class with the boys. Cartman then taunts Gary in calling himself "Eura Fag." The boys found him too nice, too properly behaved, too much of a Goody Two-Shoes to be a real boy, so he must be a sissy. Not necessarily gay, just effeminate or prissy. Gary wasn't offended by Cartman's remark, he just found it funny. On the other hand, when Mr. Slave walks out on Mr. Garrison two years later in "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina," it was because Mr. Garrison had become a woman and wanted to have sex with Mr. Slave. Mr. Slave didn't fall for it, since he's gay and thus prefers men. But fag is not just "prissy" or "gay" anymore, now it's "extremely inconsiderate."