The Guest Stars of
"Butters' Bottom Bitch"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Butters Kissing Company, Ltd.

Sally Darson, Kayla (left) and Ashley, Megan, Annie

Butters begins to think of life after school when he kisses Sally, finally becoming a man. A man has responsibilities, see? Anyhow, he goes into business for himself, bringing new clients to Sally and getting a cut of the money for each one. Sally likes Butters' initiative and soon supports his every idea. Butters learns that he's become a pimp, and so goes to study up on it. He forms the Butters Kissing Company with Sally and three other girls - the girls will charge $5 per kiss, $2 per hug, and $6 for half and half. The three other girls are Kayla, Ashley, and little Megan. After a few days, Butters brings in Annie. Kayla and Annie don't have any lines.

The Real Deal

Bishop (Keshawn), Pimp 2

Driver, Driver 2, Officer, Frat Boy 3 (and Kevin)

Black Bitch and White Bitch, Charise

Butters meets Bishop at the Playas Ball and learns the ins and outs of pimping from him and from the other pimp. Bishop returns later on to beg Yolanda (Chief Yates in disguise) to return to him and become his wife. Yolanda accepts and Bishop, going by Keshawn, thanks Butters for changing the game. Bishop and Yolanda marry, going to Switzerland to get away from all this madness. Yolanda reveals herself as Yates and arrests him after their first wedding anniversary.
Yates goes undercover as a prostitute and lives out the role a bit too well. Two of the drivers Yates ends up with are shown and busted. The officer hears Murphey's command and waits for the code word. The frat boy congratulates Kevin (the man he's hugging) on his 21st birthday, and on full manhood. He and the rest of the frat boys end up being arrested for having sex with a prostitute after having a gang bang with Yates.
The two prostitutes with cigarettes in hand discuss the new pimp up in Park County. The white one wouldn't mind signing up to be that pimp's newest bitch. Charise joins the kissing company and becomes its biggest revenue maker, so she soon challenges Sally for the position of bottom bitch. Sally tells her to back off, and Butters steps in to prevent a fight.


Boss (Mr. Daniels) and Receptionist (Mrs. Davis)

Butters goes to ACORN for housing assistance for his adult bitches, who have relocated to South Park. The receptionist knows what kind of business Butters is running better than he does, so she rejects his application. Her boss, though, is one of Butters' clients, so the receptionist has to take the application and approve it. Charise and the other women now get to choose housing loans and Medicare, and the kissing company now has tax-exempt status.