The Secrets of
"Dead Celebrities"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Gerald used to have a very hairy chest on which was shaved out two Mamdelbrots. Now his chest has no hair on it.

Ike's head doesn't flap when he buries his face in Kyle's shoulder.

Chipotle is a fast food chain specializing in burritos, but it also offers burrito bowls and tacos. Apprently Matt and Trey don't like Chipotle, as they imply that its burritos cause blood to appear in your urine or stool.

Ike references the 6th Sense when he says he sees dead celebrities.

Why are we in Kyle's house at the end of the act where Cartman shows the other boys a Billy Mays commercial?

TAPS - The Atlantic Paranormal Society

Dr. Phillips' badge says Dr. Tangina on it. Dr. Tangina Phillips? She is the reference to Poltergeist's Tangina Barrons.

Purgatory doesn't lead a soul to hell. It's a place for purging all stain of sin after you die and before you enter heaven. On the other hand, if purgatory is not part of your faith, you might see it as a way that Satan would deceive believers into going to hell, much like the dead celebrities are in this episode.

Stan uses his left hand to move the mouse here. In earlier episodes he used his right hand.

Tiny Miss Pageant - a spoof of Little Miss Sunshine, and to a lesser extent, the Junior Miss Pageant. The MC announces the LIttle Miss winner, not the Tiny Miss winner.

Ike sings a song with the same melody as Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone."

In the uncensored version of the episode, Ike's curse words remain censored. :D

Celebrity Roll Call:

(Moved to Guests. Seating arrangement needs to be sorted for these)
Arturo Gatti
John Hughes
Karine Ruby
Les Paul
Oscar G. Mayer, Jr.
Steve "Air" McNair

Who are these guys?