The Secrets of

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Somalia is clearly in East Africa, heh.

Back in season 1, Kevin was intruduced as Casey. In season 3 he got the name Kevin and was said to be Chinese-American, so I figured "Casey" was actually K.C. - Kevin C. Now he has the last name Stoley, so the initials are now K.S. and his mother must be the Chinese parent. On the other hand, I've been reminded that in ""My Future Self N' Me"" Kevin's parents were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, which would make him Kevin Brooks. As is the case with other boys, Kevin's last name has changed at least once, and he's probably not a Chinese-American anymore.

The shirt on the second Somali to speak flips over horizontally when he turns to warn the boys not to enter the pirates' lair.

The French crew and the Somali pirates understood each other, even though neither spoke the other's language.

The cigarette the French deck hand is smoking doesn't really give off smoke - the smoke stays glued to the cigarette.

Pirate 4 speaks English to Butters when Butters is taking inventory. He didn't do this when he and his two partners had him captive with Cartman and the other boys.