The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Somalis 1 and 2, Pirates 1-5

Pirates 6, 7, and 8

The first picture has the two Somalis the boys meet when they get off the bus in Mogadishu. The second one, with the torn shirt. warns the boys not to go into the pireates' lair because it's dangerous. Cartman, not speaking the language, dismisses the warning and goes into the lair. The next picture has the first two pirates, who direct other pirates to take the boys hostage and demand ransom for them. The third picture has the three pirates who take the boys hostage and negotiate with the French to exchange the boys for some Euros. They threaten to kill the boys if they don't get their ransom. Once the deal is done, the pirates send the boys up to the French ship and take off. Pirates 6 and 7 report that another American kid has arrived on the bus. Pirates 6 and 8 wonder if all American kids are as crazy as Cartman and his crew are.

Mr. Leon, Cruise Attendant, French Captain, Deck Hand

This crew picks up the boys and give the pirates the Euros, but... Cartman and his crew take over the boat once Clyde waves his lightaber around. Cartman sends the French crew off on a lifeboat, where the Paolo finds them and picks them up. The French explain how the boys took over the boat.

Paolo Captain, U.N. Leader, A U.S. Commander And Sniper

The captain of the Paolo picks up the French crew and tells the U.N. about them. Later, an American ship shows up and the commander orders a sniper to ...not kill the white people, so the sniper kills all the pirates on the beach.

A Ginger, An Airline Clerk, A CNNN Anchorman

Clyde invites a ginger to become a pirate, but has him disguise himself so Cartman might accept him as a pirate, but Cartman isn't fooled. He sends the ginger boy home. The airline clerk finds it odd that five boys are going to Somalia alone, but lets them go anyway. The CNNN anchorman just announces the pirate situation off Somalia.