The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Kanye West and his Entourage (including Aide 1, House, and Aide 2 in clear shades)

Kanye West is the rapper who'll defend his own ego against any perceived attacks. When someone tells the fishsticks joke to Kanye, he assumes someone started a rumor about him being a gay fish. At first he threatens anyone who says the joke around him, but he can't stop a news conference in which all the reporters laugh at the joke. He walks off thinking the reporters are laughing at his expense. His entourage, especially House and Aide 1, tries to help him understand the joke, but he insists on dissecting the joke himself. It didn't help. Later on, Aide 2 comes in announcing that the entourage has captured the creator of the fishsticks joke. Moments later they see Carlos Mencia tied down to a chair. Kanye demands answers, but Mencia tells him he didn't start the joke, that he just stole it and added a Mexican accent to it. Kanye is not convinced and has his men batter Mencia around with bats. Mencia suffers a shattered right hand and a fractured left shin. Kanye tries the joke once more on Mencia, and Mencia tells him the only possible outcome. Kanye takes his bat and whacks Mencia's off with it. Kanye and his entourage then visit Jimmy and Cartman and tie them down demanding answers. After Cartman "realizes" what Kyle was trying to tell him, Kanye comes to a realization of his own. He has his men untie the boys and the entourage leaves. Finally, Kanye bids farewell to his entourage and his fans and begins his new life... as a gay fish.

Late Night Comedy Circuit

Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman and Paul Shaffer, Jay Leno

Tom Snyder, Conan O'Brien and Carlos Mencia, Ellen DeGeneres

Jimmy's Fishsticks joke gets famous pretty quickly. First the kids spread it around, then Mr. Garrision tells Mr. Mackey. Then it hits late night, beginning with Jimmy Kimmel, going on to David Letterman and his sidekick Paul Shaffer, then to Jay Leno. Tom Snyder is the first talk show host to interview Kanye one on one. He tries to get Kanye to understand the joke, and that it's not about him, but Kanye just doesn't get it and throws Snyder off his seat. Then Conan O'Brien has Carlos Mencia on as a guest, and Carlos says he's the one who started the joke. but this gets Carlos in deep trouble. Finally, Ellen DeGeneres has Jimmy and Cartman on as guests, but this gets them in trouble too.

Other Folk

Mr. Peterson, a Doctor

Mr.Peterson gets the fishsticks treatment at South Park Market. The doctor is at Kanye's side to prove that Kanye does not have fins, and so is not a fish.