The Secrets of
"Eat, Pray, Queef"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

"Eat, Pray, Queef" is a take on "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, who published that in 2006.

"The day they're showin' Part 2 of last week's Terrance and Phillip show!" - eleven years ago South Park aired a Terrance and Phillip special instead of the season 2 premiere it promised.

Martha Stewart is voiced by Trey Parker.

Usually Sharon sets the table for six people, which allows Grandpa to eat with the family, but here she only sets the table for four.

Canadian wheels used to be squares. Now they are octagonal, as you can't move at all with square wheels.

Only two of the wineries the foursome went to are shown: the red and white ones, which are the only two colors on the Canadian flag.

The Road Warrior Queef says "No! We go in! We kill! No more talk! We kill! Soon, my dog of war, but we have to do it my way. Losers! Losers wait!" The transcript for Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior says "No! No more talk! We go in! We kill! We'll kill them! Be still my dog of war! l understand your pain. We've all lost someone we love. But we do it my way! Losers wait!" MnT's recollection is close.

"Queef Free" combines three other songs: "Born Free," "We Are The World," and "I Am Woman."

As of 4/1/09 Terrance & Phillip are unemployed, but married to the women who succeeded them at Canadian Channel.

The Network President in the "Cartoon War" episodes is now called Brian.