The Guest Stars of
"Eat, Pray, Queef"

by Wild Willie Westwood

The Queef Sisters Katherine & Katie, Doctor, Bishop, Regis & Kelly

Terrance & Phillip's gimmick seems to have run its course, so Brian, the Network President, tries some new talent - the Queef sisters. Katherine and Katie. Their gimmick is much the same, except it's queefs instead of farts, and all the guys are offended, probably because queefs come out the front instead of the rear. Anyway, Brian fires Terrance & Phillip and gives them parting gifits for all their years of service. Terrance & Phillip then go visit the Queef sisters in order to kill them, but the sisters tell the guys about how much they idolized them growing up and wanted to please them in all sorts of ways. The guys are insrantly attracted to the sisters and soon the four of them go cross-country visiting Canadian wineries. Later on, the couple are having sex at the sisters' house when Phillip and Katherine get into a fight about queefing in bed. She kicks him out of bed and throws vases at him. Terrance is offended when Katie admits to queefing in bed as well, and the women kick the men out. The men hang out on the terrace for a while and then return to apologize to the women. The women accept and the couples go back to having sex. The couples end up getting married. The bishop marries them quickly so they could stop farting and queefing on him and he can escape.
The doctor is part of the TV show the Queef sisters star in. In that show he stops being their gynecologist after trying to inspect their vaginas for cysts and getting queefed on.
Regis and Kelly receive the Queef sisters as guests on their show. Kelly expresses the support of American women and queefs on air. Regis runs away from the smell and the women laugh.