The Secrets of
"The Coon"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Most of the episode is a riff on The Dark Knight (including the gruff voices), but there are also references to Watchmen and The Spirit.

The raccoon outfit Cartman uses for the Coon bears some resemblance to Mario in Super Mario 3 - both have raccoon tail and ears - while Mysterion is basically Batman.

Coonicon - Comicon, er Comic Con

The boys crossed out so far, and why:
Jimmy and Timmy - both of them have handicaps that prevent them from moving nimbly.
Token - skin tone
Cartman - too fat

Others who should be crossed out:
Kyle - Mysterion went to visit him
Tweek - too spastic

Cartman accuses Craig, Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Clyde of being Mysterion, so one of them is definitely behind the mask. These five are also on Chaos' suspect list, but Kyle is ruled out above. Since Cartman didn't accuse Tweek or Jason, they can be ruled out too. The possibility of Mysterion being a girl didn't cross Cartman's mind until Wendy mentioned it, but there are no girl suspects on Chaos' wall.

Professor Chaos and General Disarray are now familiar figures in South Park.

Kenny has returned from last week's death. According to the rule of Kenny's births, he's clean - no syphilis.