The Secrets of
"The Ring"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Two boys not seen in the episode: Brad Dixon and Dave Darsky

The Jonas Brothers were not the real targets of this episode. The real targets were Disney, the girls who watch its programming, and the executives who sell sex to them through that programming.

How did Kenny afford Jonas Brothers tickets and dinner at TGI Fridays when he's poor?

One of the babies at the Pepsi Center concert is Chantal from "Freak Strike." Here she's just dancing in her seat. She appears again in the audience at the Good Mornin' Denver show.

"the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert spectacular!" and its failure - references to the Jonas Brothers: 3-D Concert Experience movie that came out in 2009 and bombed at the box office.

One of the kids watching the Red Rocks concert on TV is from the girl's committee in "The List."

New word: giney, gineys - short for vagina, vaginas.

Girlfriend stats: Tammy is actually Kenny's second girlfriend, and Cartman has yet to get a girlfriend. Stan has Wendy and Kyle had Rebecca.

"And knowing is half the battle." - from G.I. Joe.

Lines cut from the episode
In the cafeteria, after Butters announces that Kenny has a girlfriend:
Kyle: Yeah, we know.
Butters: You know??