The Secrets of
"The List"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

The list at left is the forged list. The only thing certain about the real list is that Kyle was not the ugliest boy in it.

Assuming the fake list has the names of all the boys in class, we can say the following:
New Boys: Bradley, Leroy (seen in "The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" showing off his frog), and Francis
Departed Boys: Phillip Pirrup, Terrence Mephesto, Bill, Fosse, Dog Poo

The preview had Kenny punching Cartman and Cartman reacting, but that part was cut out and replaced with Bebe slamming her locker door shut. You do see Kenny getting ready to deliver the punch, though.

Red is now called Rebecca, and she's wearing a deep navy-blue outfit.

There used to be just one back entrance to the school. Now there are two.

If you recall, Wendy dumped Stan for Token because Stan wasn't spending enough time with her. She and Token didn't work out, but Stan was still mad at her for dumping him. During the egg experiment, Stan was happy that Wendy would talk to him, and he was afraid she'd think of him as a loser if their egg shattered, but he didn't want her to have the last word, so he put up a front of not caring about her or her opinions. Wendy was hurt by this, but she didn't say anyting bad about Stan (but then, the show is mostly about the boys, so we don't hear much from the girls). This episode showed that the girls know there's no relationship between Wendy and Stan, and figure that he might have to beg her to take him back. Wendy does not reject Stan's plea to have the girls review the looks list, which shows that she's willing to do stuff for him. In this way does she renew their friendship, and maybe their awkward courtship.

The ghost of Abraham Lincoln hearkens back to the Ghost of Human Kindness, and to the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come from A Christmas Carol

One can forgive Kyle for wondering who this ghost in his room is, even though he dressed as Abe during the Civil War Reenactment and saw the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial brought to life by David Blaine.

Yamal's address: 14865

Lincoln drives a Honda.

"I believe Rebecca changed the list to make him number one." - This is about Clyde. Oh, what Rebecca doesn't know... Clyde is already seeing other girls. Remember he said earlier "Naw, Rebecca's just a friend. I wanna be with you now. Sure, yeah, I'll buy you some shoes too."

"She's dating Clyde now." - This is about Bebe. This makes the second time she dates him. In third grade, she dated Kyle for a short while, then dated Clyde. If they hadn't broken up, Bebe could have been in shoe heaven by now. Also, Clyde doesn't have to buy the girls shoes if they're gonna get them free anyway if they date him. And we now know the girl he dumped Rebecca for.

"Don't try and stop me, Stan! You don't know how it feels to be a deformed monstrosity!" - not personally, but he knows how it feels to see a mutant version of yourself destroying the town.

Only time will tell if Bebe's and Wendy's friendship is affected by this lists scandal.

Old School South Park Returns:
Cartman informs us he's "not fat."
Kenny dies.
Stan pukes on Wendy after an awkward silence.

The fake movie poster of Wendy standing behind Stan and Kyle was not used in the actual episode, so we didn't have to worry about the error in Kyle's last name. Top Clothing Store Most Awesome Movie Star Girls We Hate Msst Does and Don'ts on First Dates holding hands is okay no kissing never pay for dinner keep it simple Hip Hop Country Ice cube Lemonade the 70s the 90s Mtv Eight lists at the opposite end of the room