The Guest Stars of
"The List"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Nelly, Rebecca (formerly Red), Girl With Gray Headband, Lola, Blond Girl

Nelly is the list keeper, so it's her Pee Chee folder the boys steal in order to find who's the cutest boy and who's the ugliest. Cartman has Butters run up to Jenny and kick her in the balls. That doesn't work, so Butters tries again. That doesn't work, so Cartman abandons the mission and Butters gets a black eye and bruised arm. Cartman and Butters learn that girls don't have balls, so Cartman tries another plan involving Kenny spitting on the ground in Jenny's way. That seems to have worked, as the boys steal the folder and pin the list on the boys' bathroom wall. Rebecca and the two girls at the Rainbow Railing (in front of Bebe) are involved in a conspiracy to make Clyde the most popular boy in 4th Grade so they can get free shoes at his father's shoe store. Bebe, the committee leader, is also involved, and Wendy finds herself in danger when she has to wrestle the gun away from Bebe, who would have killed her if she didn't give back the original list. The blond girl agrees that Jennifer's purse is prettier than Teresa's, but that doesn't make it the prettiest. Lola first appeared in "Follow That Egg!" in season 9. Mrs. Garrison paired her up with Token, but she wasn't shown until she and Token were shown seated together with their egg.
Trey can't decide what Red's name is supposed to be. In "Erection Day" she's called Bertha, but here she's called Rebecca.

Fat Girl, Bushy Eyebrows Boy; Blond Boy, Glasses Girl, Yamal

The fat girl just wants to be sure the ugly kids aren't in fact ugly. The boy with the bush eyebrows loves pickles, so he asks Kyle for his, and steals Cartman's later on. The blond boy just says "hey." Kyle tries to make the girl with glasses prettier, but it does't work - he puts her glasses back on. Yamal gets the most exposure here, as he's seen playing the piano and wanting to burn the school down. Kyle comes around to Yamal's point of view and tries to burn the school down starting at the roof. Yamal tells Stan and Wendy where Kyle is, and they arrive in time to stop him.

Abraham Lincoln, Jerry, Officer, Hall Girl

Abraham Lincoln takes Kyle on a tour of houses having pretty and ugly people, telling him that pretty people are cursed, especially when their looks fade with age. Kyle doesn't want to wait until adulthood to know if he's cute, then tells Lincoln to take him back home, as he's tired of Lincoln's speech and doesn't want anyone to tell him how to think. Jerry is the True-Value clerk who sells Kyle all that lighter fluid and kerosene. The officer arrests Bebe for tampering with the list for cutest 4th Grade boy. The girl in the hall is one of the girls Clyde talks to after he learns he's the cutest boy in class.