The Guest Stars of
"Guitar Queer-o"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Brett, The Dragon from Heroin Hero, Mick, Older and Younger Boy

Brett is a clerk at EV Games, and he sells a few games to Stan: first Guitar Hero, then Heroin Hero so Stan could mellow out after getting too stressed playing Guitar Hero. He would have sold Stan Rehab Hero as well, but Stan didn't want any more Hero games. He opted for Cross Country Cruiser, a driving game. Heroin Hero's only character is the Dragon, who always remains just out of reach, teasing the player to catch him. After Stan takes Thad on as his new playing partner, Kyle is reduced to playing Guitar Hero at Mick's Bowling Lanes. After Mick hears him play, he lets Kyle play Guitar Hero for a small salary, as he's just helping out a guy who's down on his luck. Kyle gets free Frescas as part of the deal. Two boys come by and the older one asks Kyle to get off the game, as they wanna play too. Kyle doesn't get off until the younger boy recognizes him and tells the older boy who he is. The older boy asks why Kyle's is playing at the bowling alley instead of on TV. Kyle leaves the game, telling the boys to leave him alone, and sits at the bar.

Alex Hart, Charles Kincaid, Thad Jarvis

Jay Cutler, Tom Shane, Male Diner

Charles Kincaid is the talent agent who learns (through a signal in the game, probably) that Stan just passed a hundred thousand points on Guitar Hero. He becomes Stan and Kyle's manager and presents them to music producer Alex Hart so they can promote the boys and have them find superstardom. Mr. Kincaid has bigger plans for Stan though, and has the perfect partner for him: Thad. Thad is a master Guitar Hero player, and Stan takes him on as a partner, but Stan calls the shots. Thad quits when Stan fails to keep up with him and plays horribly during a session that would have Stan find superstardom if he broke one million points.
Jay Cutler is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and he wears #6. Someday he'll be a good quarterback. Tom Shane owns a company that sells diamonds and other jewelry. He's looking for his wife.The male diner likes "John the Fisherman" which he recognizes even though Thad is playing it without any power on his controrller.