The Guest Stars of
"Imaginationland: Episode III"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Anchorman Steven, Commentator Mike

Anchorman Steve has the breaking news on the Supreme Court announcing that imaginary things aren't real. Commentator Mike expounds on the impact this decision has on cases like the Cartman v. Broflovski ballsucking case.

Hippies 1, 2, 3, 4

Guard 2, Lab Techs 1, 2, 3, Tech 7

The four hippies are among a group of them protesting the imminent nuking of our imagination. The guard tries to stop Kyle from entering the Pentagon, and tells him to join the protesting hippies. The various techs shown here get involved in the discussion of what is real and what isn't, and why some things that are considered real shouldn't be, and vice versa.

Doctor, Official, Chief Justice

The doctor says Kyle is recovering, but has some trauma to the brain which might explain why he's hearing voices in his head. The official simply tells Al Gore that he does see ManBearPig onscreen. The Chief Justice announces that imaginary things are officially not real, and therefore no approval is needed to nuke them.

The Press Corps

Reporters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

The reporters ask questions concerning the nuking of our imagination. The fourth reporter asks if Kurt Russell could be sent through the portal to reason with the terrorists, but the general tells him that was already tried and failed..

Robin Hood, Cavity Creeps, Icarus

Tron Soldier, Gandalf, Wonder Woman

Robin Hood comes to the Council to announce that troops are being shot down by the Cavity Creeps. The Cavity Creeps march through the battlefield, crushing everything in their way. Butters imagines up a giant tube of Crest Gel with Tartar Control to fight them, and Robin Hood and Perseus walk him to the battlefield. Icarus flies in to say the good guys are losing the battle. The Tron soldier is excited by his first kill, but Beary Bear kills him with laser blasts from his eyes. Gandalf tells Butters that he, Butters, is a creator, and so can imagine things into existence in Imaginationland. Butters then tries this and fails a few times before he masters this power, which comes in very handy at the very end. Wonder Woman urges Butters to imagine Santa back into existence, which he finally does. She wonders what could destroy the Cavity Creeps.

  1. Crest Gel with Tartar Control
  2. Pinhead
  3. Blueberry Muffin (one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends), Mickey Mouse (with his back to the camera)
  4. Steve Austin (The Six Milliion Dollar Man)
  5. Waldo
  6. ??? (lower left)
  7. ??? (Mog?)
  8. An archangel, ??? (who is that bee?)
  9. The Ghosts (Pac-Man)
  10. Sinistar
  11. Dangermouse, Snowy Milou (Tintin), the Marlboro Man
  12. Charlie Brown smiling
  13. Nibblet, Lucy van Pelt
  14. There might be a few people here I don't recognize
  15. Captain Planet, Q*Bert, the Pillsbury Doughboy
  16. Silver Surfer, Bullwinkle J. Moose, ??? (someone in a green rabbit suit), Baba Louie (Quick Draw McGraw), Frankenberry
  17. Obelix, Jonny Quest, Quick Draw McGraw, Paul Bunyan (behind the Lollipop King)
  18. Pac-Man, Rocket J. Squirrel, Boo Berry, the Lone Ranger, Tarzan, Pegasus, Quick Draw McGraw
  19. Wario, Ganondorf, Darkseid (Superman villain), Bowser (lizard between Ganondorf and Darkseid), Mumm-Ra (with horns instead of snakes)
  20. She-Ra
  21. A Cabbage Patch Boy
  22. The Big Bad Wofl?
  23. ??? (the grey orb), the Incredible Hulk
  24. Marvin the Martian
  25. Wile E. Coyote, Cobra Commander, Venom
  26. There might be a few people here I don't recognize
  27. There might be a few people here I don't recognize
  28. Cabbage Patch Kids, Nibblet, Yoda, There might be a few other people here I don't recognize.
The rest of the characters have been moved to the trilogy's master guest list.