The Guest Stars of
"Imaginationland: Episode I"

by Wild Willie Westwood

The Pentagon

General, Tom the Specialist

The general and specialist receive the terrorists' tape and discuss it with other members of the Pentagon. The Pentagon has run out of ideas and taps Hollywood for new ideas, as it often does in times of war for propaganda, but they don't like what they hear, except for Mel Gibson. They do as he suggests and find Stan and Kyle, who are whisked away to Washington D.C.

The Directors

M. Night Shyalaman, Michael Bay

M. Night Shyalaman tries to pitch plot twists at the General and his personnel, but the General dismisses him because those aren't idea. Michael Bay tries to pitch special effects, but again the General dismisses him for lack of ideas. Mel Gibson comes in and suggests a background check for all the characters found in the terrorists' videotape. Mel Gibson appears as he does in "The Passion of The Jew," so he's not picturred here.

Citizens of Imaginationland

Cheetara, Cinderella, Draco, Fanciful Mayor, Leprechaun

Lollipop King, Mr. Tumnus, Rockety Rocket and Terrorists, Suitcase, Pat the Hammer

All these characters had lines in the episode, but the only ones to have any impact on the plot are the Leprechaun, the Fanciful Mayor. Draco, and Rockety Rocket. The Leprechaun warns of an impending terrorist attack, which sounds odd coming from an imaginary character. The boys catch him, but he gets away by using rainbow teleports. The fanciful Mayor hears the boys talking about the leprechaun later on and intrudes to ask if the boys had seen it. The boys have doubts about the Mayor, so he asks them to join him on a journey. Butters is afraid the Mayor is going to rape the boys, but the Mayor looks back at him, confused. The boys climb into the Imagination Flying Machine and float a long distance before arriving at Imaginationland. When the terrorists show up and destroy Imaginationland, Draco swoops down and takes the boys back home, except for Butters, who becomes the terrorists' one real hostage. Rockety Rocket is taken and armed with bombs, then pointed towards the Barrier, a great wall separating Imaginationland from its own dark side.


Judge, Driver

The judge hears Cartman's case and decides in favor of him - Kyle has to suck Cartman's balls within 24 hours or get arrested for contempt of court. Still, she's shocked at Cartman's case. After the Pentagon whisks Stan and Kyle away, Cartman follows in a gas tanker. The driver picks him up since it's not good for a kid to be on a highway alone.

Take a look at what I have so far. If you can fill in what I'm missing, send me an email with the characters and the picture you first find it in. Also, let me know of any missing images that have chaaracters I don't yet have listed.

  1. An Ent
  2. A Centaur
  3. The Little Mermaid
  4. The Brown Hornet
  5. Santa Claus
  6. Anubis and Snarf
  7. Ronald McDonald, Boober Fraggle (under the CC logo)
  8. Rapunzel and a cowboy
  9. A griffin and a flying giraffe
  10. Raggedy Ann and Andy, a unicorn
  11. Mothra, Optimus Prime
  12. Krishna, Joseph Smith, Buddha, Lao Zi, Sea-Man, emperor penguins (in all sorts of colors), an acorn
  13. The Blue Meanies, Count Chocula, Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit, a talking suitcase, a Care Bear, a Moon Bellied Sneetch (there are more of these in all sorts of colors)
  14. a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, H.R. Pufnstuf, Twinkie the Kid, Elliott the Dragon (Pete's Dragon), Rockety Rocket
  15. Yeti (the Abominable Snowman), The Dreadful Flying Glove, Wild Thing (Where the Wild Things Are), Totoro, Copper Kid (Silverhawks), My Little Pony, The Little Toaster (with toast), Gizmo, Mario
  16. Jack Skellington, Little Red Riding Hood, Aubrey (Little Gems), Astroboy, Mr. Toad, Strawberry Shortcake, The Mad Hatter, The Prince (Katamari Damacy)
  17. Casper the Friendly Ghost, Mr. Tumnus, Orko; Grimace, Hamburger, Fry Kid (all McDonaldland characters)
  18. Najix (as the ice-cream-pooping taco), The Scarecrow, Peter Rabbit (like Brer Rabbit, but lighter pants), an Underpants Gnome, Humpty Dumpty, The Flash, Pat the Hammer, Dick Tracy, Mr. Clean, Voltron, Remy the Rat, Franklin the Turtle
  19. A smurf, and Dr. Seuss characters
  20. Bullet Man, Jem (now with gray hair), Punchy (Hawaiian Punch mascot), Pac-Man (toothy, hiding behind Punchy)
  21. Cinderella, Link (Legend of Zelda series), Mighty Mouse
  22. Charlie Brown, Jonny Quest
The rest of the characters have been moved to the trilogy's master guest list.