The Secrets of
"Le Petit Tourette"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

The title is a take on Le Petit Package, which I haven't seen at all. Maybe the link might enlighten you. :D. It has nothing to do with the episode though. :)

Toy Safari = Toys R Us. It's initials, TS, are the same ones for Tourette's Syndrome.

A life-size cardboard cutout by the entrance looks like William P. Connolly from "The Return of Chef!"

Thomas's mom was holding an Okami game when the clerk walked up to her.

Cartman sings the Golden Ticket song from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (30 June 1971).

Cartman thinks Tourettte's sufferers curse all the time, but only a few do.

Address of The Children's Therapy Center: 233.

"Gultch" should be "Gulch."

Cartman makes several admissions during his bout with Tourette's. They are:
  1. I wet my bed last night.
  2. I'm making this all up! (about Tourette's)
  3. I cry at night because I don't have a dad.
  4. I'm secretly in love with Patty Nelson. I fantasize about kissing Patty Nelson!
  5. One time my cousin and I touched wieners.
  6. Yes I did [say that] but why?!
  7. That's not true. My grandma's fine. (this is not true either, but is just something reflexively opposite of what he said before, that his grandma had just died)

If I could
  1. say "shitballs" to the principal,
  2. say "asspussy" to the counselor,
  3. yell "tampon dickshit" in the classroom,
  4. say "titty sprinkles" on national television,
  5. call Chris Hansen an asshole-licking dickfart to his face,
I would be sooo happy.

The KSPC tower is based on the KTLA tower on Sunset Bl. in Hollywood.

And on similar towers around town.

Stan doesn't have any lines in this episode, but he's at Whistlin' Willy's with his family when Cartman becomes the spokesman for Tourette's. Kenny and his family are there as well. His voice comes out of Patty Nelson, however.

"If I could... I would be sooo happy" might come from somewhere, but it's general enough to say that it's an expression of hope.

And then there's this, from reader Sami:
Just something that many people may not have known. If you watch "Tourettes Guy" online, anywhere from youtube to his own site, it becomes interesting to notice that certain things the tourettes spokesmen says is a combination of what tourettes guy blurts out (alot of blurts are things like: PISS, ASS, COCK). They may have parodied Tourettes Guy alot because he has been criticized for faking his sympton although it is hilarious nonetheless.
Here are some links for yourself if you are interested in checking it out and seeing your take on whether or not it might have been somewhat aimed at him
Theres more episodes out there, but those are what alot of people may think they are targeting also in this episode as he seems to be able to get away with alot of stuff (not really but people don't really criticize him outright).
As for the final sequence, what sold it for me was that after Cartman thanks Kyle and leaves, Kyle turns to the other kids with tourettes and they both yell "ahh shit". This is exactly what Tourettes Guy and his dad do in this clip
Thanks for your time


On the early morn of November 7, 2007, a member of the South Park Studios BBS had this to say:

My gf's cousin who works as an admin assistant for a CC producer says:

(paraphrasing here)

re: the 'petite tourette' episode:

- CC has been requesting SP to write in more than usual unbleeped profanity in their scripts for season 11/2 and on - CC's position is to bring SP up to par with their other adult programming - referred to as 'programming consistency initiatives targeting 2544'
- SP was on the fence with this idea, indicating the bleeps, in fact, were a good thing;
- craig keeps saying "if I could say .. I'd be so happy" - this was done to dig a certain CC producer, who in a meeting, told Matt: "we thought you'd be so happy about this (referring to the swearing)
- the episode is also a response to CC's request for unbleeped swearing
- more than normal bleeped f*cks and sh*ts were added to Imagination Land Part 1 and 2 as an indication of SP position on this matter; (as opposed to unbleeping as CC wanted)
Hope you enjoyed this trivia