The Guest Stars of
"Le Petit Tourette"

by Wild Willie Westwood

People affected by Tourette's

Thomas and his mom, Mr. Donaldson, Doctor

Blond Girl, Brunette, Teen Boy

Thomas has a terrible twitch that makes him curse one or two words at a time. Cartman is inspired to pretend to have Tourette's because of him, and Thomas soon sees that Cartman is faking it. He conspires with Kyle to prevent Cartman from getting on Dateline by having pedophiles arrive from all around to meet a boy they chatted with online. Thomas's mom apologizes to the people at Toy Safari for her son's disorder and explains it a bit, then buys him a toy and leaves the store. Mr. Donaldson conducts therapy sessions for Tourette's victims at The Children's Therapy Center, where he has Kyle learn more about Tourette's from several kids who actually suffer from it. The doctor has a look at Cartman and wonders if he has a case of latent Tourette's, which is said to show up later in a boy's life and could get worse.
The blonde has a habit of bending her neck to the left, straightening it up, and snapping the fingers on both her hands. People don't notice this as Tourette's because it's kind of cool to do. The brunette blinks twice and says "Boop!" in a squeaky voice. The teenage boy goes into spasms of "brrrrr" after every sentence.

Clerk (vest) and customer (blue shirt); Chris Hansen; HotForBoys219; Patty Nelson

Not much to say about the clerk and the customer. Chris Hansen hosts several shows including "To Catch A Predator" and has a speech impediment that makes him slur words from time to time. HotForBoys219 brings a Wendy's meal for Thomas and gets giddy when Thomas blurts out an obscenity. He dances into the Dateline studio, realizes that it's not a house, and shoots himself dead. Patty Nelson is not happy with Cartman fantasizing about her.