The Secrets of
"Night of the Living Homeless"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

"Change" - Brains. The homeless-zombie connection begins here.

Including the Mayor, there are 9 menbers in the city council. The office each of the members hold:
Mayor: McDaniels
Public Safety: Glen ???
Chief of Fire Department: Mr. Valmor
City Planner: Mrs. Testaburger
Public Health: Mr. Mackey
City Attorney: Gerald Broflovski (lawyer)
Parks/Public Grounds: Randy Marsh (geologist)
City Clerk/Treasurer: Linda Stotch
???: Skeeter
Homeless Advisor: ??? (visiting researcher)

"There's a bunch outside my house too." - Cartman's mom is a pretty generous person, so it's understandable how there could be homeless people around his house.

More 13375934K - The Mayor's Aide's car has a license plate that reads J03M4M4.

Well, we lost one of the Mayor's aides. :(

1706 - the homeless researcher's address on Jarvis Street.

"I easily could have cleared another thirty or forty." - Cartman isn't above exaggerating, even though before he only said two, three tops.

The way the homeless advisor describes the homeless in his lab reflects some truths about actual homeless people. We give them change but wonder where it goes, since they always come back and ask for more. We also know from news reports that some people are professional bums - they can make $400 or more a day living this way and still live on the street, and they like it this way. No mention of drug use being a reason the homeless stay that way.

For a moment, I thought Butters was on the bus with the boys, but it was Kyle singing. :)

Dawn of the Dead/Day of the Dead/Shaun of the Dead - the homeless gathering round the townsfolk, resulting in the townsfolk on the roof of a building. One shot of the homeless wandering around is a duplicate of a brief scene of zombies wandering around Fort Meyers in George Romero's Day of the Dead. Also, there's a character named "Steven" with a "pregnant woman." And now we've got a "Bub" type homeless person. Glen's death is similar to Roger's death... there was also a character named Glenn in the remake of Dawn of the Dead. And finally, the bus as a distraction was a reference to the modified buses in the DotD remake and the "Dead Reckoning" from Land of the Dead.

Change from trailer to episode: The scene where Randy first freaks out because the homeless people are bothering him: The previews for the episode had him running into the Marsh house and his family present. In the actual episode he ran into the community center and the only family member around was Jimbo. The lines remained the same.

"Right by Matt's house you can chill if you're homeless." - Matt Stone does have a house there, and he's been fighting the city of Venice over the height of a fence he wants to put up.

"In the city, City of Brentwood" - Trey Parker has a house in Brentwood, so Matt isn't alone in the song. :)