The Guest Stars of

by Wild Willie Westwood

Allyson, Kate and Linda, Patty and friend

Katie, Blonde, Betsy

Mrs. Garrison has given up on men after one too many rejections, so she starts exercising to get her mind off them. She goes to Curves, a fitness center, and encounters Allyson, who invites her to Les Bos, a girl bar. Mrs. Garrison reveals that her first name is Janet. At Les Bos Mrs. Garrison meets other women, not realizing that a girl bar is a lesbian bar. She meets Kate and Linda, and she makes a pass at Linda later. She also makes a pas at Patty, but Patty's partner doesn't take too kindly to this, so she and Janet start brawling. Janet gets a bit of scissoring in before Katie walks in and announces that Les Bos is going to be converted to a Persian bar. Betsy suggests that they should send people in as undercover agents to get some info on the Persians. Janet, Allyson and the Blonde go to the laborers at Moovit Trucking to get them to dress as Persians and find out what they could about Club Persh. The laborers return to reveals to Janet that Xerxes is a woman.

Emir, Tumon, Rauf Xerxes

Emir is sent to talk to the lesbians, but Janet kicks him in the balls and he's sent back to Club Persh to tell his boss what happened. Tumon, his boss, determines to gather up as many Persians as he can to attack Les Bos. The army of around 60 Persians comes to Les Bos to redecorate, but the lesbians prevent them from entering. Eventually, the Persians give up and go shopping. A few of them return to Club Persh, where they see Rauf Xerxes arrive sitting on a great throne atop a gold hummer. Raug is extremely tall and buff - about nine feet tall - and he learns of Tumon's failure. Xerxes goes to Les Bos and talks to Janet, who reveals Xerxes' secret. Xerxes is taken aback, but learns that Les Bos accepts all kinds of women, even those who couldn't work in a Persian environment. She and Janet hook up and do some scissoring. As a result, Les Bos remains open as a lesbian bar, and Xerxes is at home in it.

Laborers, News Anchor, Lesbian Couple

The Mexican day laborers were supposed to write essays for the boys, but they end up writing their "eses" - friends. Janet calls upon the laborers to dress as Persians and infiltrate Club Persh, and they return with info that helps Janet - and Les Bos - quite a bit. Finally, the SPUSD hired them to sub for Janet at least for a day. The news anchor announces the incident at Les Bos, and the lesbian couple watching the news at that time urge the lesbians to keep going forward. The one eating potato chips gets a slow-mo closeup of her biting into a chip.