The Guest Stars of
"Fantastic Easter Special"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Mall Bunny, Nelson, Hares chasing Stan

Grand Hare, Hare Club For Men Members, Nick Donovan

Stan's questions take him to places he didn't anticipate, and it begins in the mall. He asks the mall bunny what he knows about Easter and what the connection is between Jesus and Easter eggs. The mall bunny just tells him to go with the flow, but Stan says he's getting to the bottom of this. When he leaves, the mall bunny places a call to another bunny and tells him to call the others. As Stan walks home, the bunnies, or hares, begin to follow him, and he runs home. He finds his father in the bathroom and tells him about the bunnies, only to see the door open and find Randy dressed as a bunny himself. Randy dismisses the other bunnies and takes Stan to his room to tell him about the secret society he's in - The Hare Club For Men. The Grand Hare officiates over Stan's initiation ceremony. Jesus makes his first appearance in a long time in answer to Nick Donovan's prayer.

Bill Donohue and two of his Ninjas

Bill Donohue appears just as Stan is about to learn the secret of the Easter Bunny. His ninjas attack the Hares and kill half of them, injure the others and haul them away for something terrible later on.

Teabag and his butler

Stan and Kyle go to Professor Teabag to learn the secret of the Easter Bunny. He shows them how Leonardo da Vinci left clues in the painting of the Last Supper showing how the Easter Bunny was kept as St. Peter - Peter the Rabbit, or Peter Rabbit - enlarged so he looked human and the bunny ears painted over to leave no hint of his cunnicular origin. The small loaves of bread are actually Easter eggs. And thus did Stan and Kyle learn the link between the Easter Bunny and Jesus. Before meeting Teabag, though, they had to get past the butler, who was going to dismiss them when Teabag appeared in the background.

Two Cardinals, Tourist, Vigil Reporter

The two cardinals did as Bill demanded until Jesus killed him and placed Snowball in the papal throne. The cardinal at left ask Snowball if it had anything to say about how people should conduct their lives, and there was no reply. The Italian cardinal to his left said this was as Jesus wanted it - a non-judgmental pope, letting things run as they are.