The Secrets of
"The Snuke"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

New word: snuke, formed from suitcase nuke.

Bahir's Myspace page lists him as 8 years old, despite Myspace prohibiting account registrations for under-14s.

The friends on Bahir's friends list were designed using the Character Creator game at South Park Studios. That game is an old version of the one made by Janina, aka, Swerg im Bikini. The site actually belongs to Mohammed Lamed, and Bahir's last name on the page is Habeem instead of Hakeem.

24 - The multiple rings from the phones used in this episode mirror the ones used in 24, which the ep mimics perfectly, maybe even better than 24 itself. Cartman played Jack Bauer, Kyle Chloe O'Brien. The ring tones are from 24 as well. The unresolved B plot? From 24! (the detonator was reset, but the bomb remains inside Hillary Clinton's vagina, so it can be activated with another detonator later) Same with the jittery camera work, the multiple frames, the ticking clock, and the dramatic sound effect that went with it. The head of CIA was Bill Buchanan, the head of CTU.

Hillary's snizz hasn't seeing action in over 30 years, but Chelsea is only 27...

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Vladimir looks like Dolph Lundgren when Dolph was starting out as an actor. - redirects to both sites are one and the same, and used to have an animated butler name Jeeves who would make like he's retrieving answers to the question you posed him. It now aims to be as simple to use as Google, if not simpler. Here's the image search for Jeeves.

JDate is a Jewish dating site. EHarmony is a general dating site that touts 29 dimensions of compatibility. Vladimir had accounts on both of them. :D

"got paid through eBay" - you don't get paid through eBay, you get paid through its financial arm, PayPal.