The Secrets of
"Stanley's Cup"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

The whole episode parodies the Might Duck movies.

The newspapers behind Stan's boss read:

The complete headline for the first newspaper is "Who is Scuzzlebutt?" And the inventor isn't what he used to be. :D

The record player is a Teknics, a play on Technics record players, which have been around a long time.

Blur's "Song #2" plays during the Adams County-South Park County match.

Good to see Dr. Doctor and Hell's Pass Hospital again.

Ringer - someone who shouldn't be in the team because of age (too old) or ability (too good).

The Road Warrior poster Stan has over his bed now has a title on it: "The Street Warrior."

The upside down golden arches and the phrase "Gotta Love It!" are parodies of McDonald's recent ads featuring the phrase "I'm Loving It!" The golden arches also appeared this way in "The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce." Also: ads for Lizardade (Gatorade)

The plot reminds me of BASEketball, which did it more brightly. In BASEketball Coop (Trey Parker) promises a little boy to win the Denslow Cup for him. The boy manages to survive every mishap Coop inflicts upon him during a hospital visit. In the final game of the fifth season, Coop's lucky baseketball, made from a La-Z-Boy, goes flat when he needs it most, but the boy had made a baseketball of his own and arrives at the game with his friends and caregiver, and gives Coop the baseketball, made from a BarcaLounger. Of course, Coop shoots and scores, and the Beers finally win the Denslow Cup.

The announcers in the Avs-Red Wings game look like the announcers in Season 1 and like their Chinese counterparts in "Conjoined Fetus Lady."

The record-playing judge who follows Stan around does the announcer's voice in "The Biggest Douche In The Universe."

Two questions: How come there are no Canadians on the NHL teams in the episode?

Pee Wees are usually 10-12 years old, so the Adams and Park county teams are not old enough to be Pee Wee teams. They might be old enough to be Mites, though, who are no older than 8 years old.