The Guest Stars of
"Stanley's Cup"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Mr. Jarvis, Tow Truck Driver, Judge

Stan has his first paying job - delivery boy for the South Park Gazette, which is a newish paper, being just nine years old. Mr. Jarvis reprimands hm for being late on delivering the paper. Stan explains that one of his pedals was broken, but he got it fixed and is ready to continue delivering the paper. A tow truck appears and the driver takes Stan's bicycle away, and Stan is out of a job. He goes to the Park County Government Center to try to get his bike back, but the jodge he sees tells him he won't get his bike back until he gets another job and pays the fee. The judge then makes several appearances throughout the episode acting as a preview/trailer announcer, letting us know what Stan will face and what he'll have to learn. He sounds a bit like the announcer in "The Biggest Douche In The Universe"

Park County Pee Wee Players

2 (Ike), 3, 6, 7

8, 10, 13 (Nelson), 15

Gavin Throttle and the Adams County team, Mr. (Jack) and Mrs. Brown

Pee Wee Stan, Pee Wee Kyle, Denver Goalie, Pee Wee Announcer

Of the eight Park County players, only Ike and Nelson are significant here. Ike is here as the ringer, an expert player brought in to boost a lagging team's chances at winning a game. Nelson has cancer and goes into the hospital as Stan tries to figure out how to talk about cancer to the team and to Nelson's parents. Nelson puts his hopes on Stan, which means he'll die if Stan fails. Stan tries his best, but he's put up against insurmountable odds, which guarantees that Nelson will die. Gavin Throttle is a driven Adams County coach who talks big, but when the game finally arries, his team stumbles as often as Stan's does, and there's no score at the end of the game. Stan and his father dream about Stan's shot as a Pee Wee player where he has the chance to score the one and only shot left, but the puck doesn't make it into the goal. There was no Denver goalie there, as that goalie left the goal to get his underwear changed (he pooped his pants.) Kyle is in the game as well, while the announcer does commentary for the game.

NHL Official, the Colorado Avalanche, Red Wings Coach And His Dad

The NHL official comes to Stan and tells him that the Denver Pee Wee team didn't show up. Stan figures his team could win by forfeit, but the official denies him that. Instead, the Avs show up and say that Park County could finish their game with the Red Wings. Stan's team goes on to be beat up by the Red Wings, who win 32-2, and his players now hate him. The Red Wings celebrate and father and son coaches give eachother heartfelt hugs.