The Guest Stars of
"Go God Go Part XII"

by Wild Willie Westwood

UAA Maintenance Guy, UAA Woman, UAA Tactical Officer, K-10/KIT-9/COCKA-3

The maintenance man has trouble connectiong the Nintendo Wii to the float screen in Cartman's room. The woman comes in to talk to Cartman a few times - to introduce him to K-10 and alert him that the UAA is under sttack. The tactical officer reports to the UAA Leader. K-10 becomes Cartman's pet, friend, and conscience throughout the episode, warning him several times not to mess with the past, lest the present change in unforeseen ways. Cartman doesn't notice at first that K-10 had morphed into KIT-9, but once he notices, he puts that knowledge to good use. When he goes home, it's KIT-9 turned into COCKA-3 who sees him off.

Blavius, the Wise One, Young Shvek

Blavius is the second sea otter leader to appear. Cartman tricks him into taking him to New New Hampshire so he could get the Wii... and escape. Blavius had considered that possibility, so he put false information into the crystal Cartman was wearing, thereby fooling the UAA into going to some clam fields the AAA was supposed to be mining, but the AAA wasn't going to be there. The AAA was going to lay in wait until both the UAL and UAA were out in the open, then destroy them both. When Cartman begins to fiddle with the past, the present changes until Blavius joins the other two leaders in harmony, ready to see Cartman off to his own time. Before this happens, the Wise One tries to impart his wisdom to his fellow otters, but they stone him to death. He reappears when Cartman fiddles with the past. Shvek is succeeded by his son, Young Shvek, who is indistinguishable from his father except in the number of bulbs attached to his suit.

Boys using the Crank Prank Time Phone, Man from the early 20th century

The first three boys are in the commercial for the Crank Prank Time Phone, calling people all over the past. The other two boys become Cartman's target when he has K-10 search Zeebod's sales records for someone who bought a phone from there over the past week. He neutralizes the boys with bubbles and runs away with the phone. Those two boys had crank-called the man from the early 20th century to tease him with a few jokes.