The Guest Stars of
"Go God Go"

by Wild Willie Westwood

EV Games Clerk, Richard Dawkins, evolutionary scientist; The Triscotti family

After Cartman loiters at EV Games one too many times waiting for the Nintendo Wii to come out, the clerk reminds him that pacing in front of the store isn't going to make the Wii arrive any faster. There's a new girl in class, but some of what she's learning disturbs her enough for her to tell her parerts about it. They go to school to talk to Principal Victoria about it - it seems the girl is bothered about the science Mrs. Garrison is teaching the class - Mrs. Garrison doesn't like to teach about evolution, so she teaches the worst version of it she can find. Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary scientsit who comes off much sweeter here than he is in real life. He's brought in to teach evolution while Mrs. Garrison is asked not to teach it because she doesn't know enough about it to teach it well. He finds Mrs. Garrison quite attractive - she is full of fire, full of life, full of spunk, so bold, with such balls, the most outspoken woman he met. He falls for her and soon they're having sex.

Unified Atheist League, its leader Shvek, a medic, and an analyst.

United Atheist Alliance and its leader

the Allied Atheist Allegiance (sea otters) and its leader

The UAL finds Cartman's frozen body and thaw him out. The medic makes sure the process goes smoothly, and Shvek introduces himself. He tells Cartman that someone he knew created the UAL, the group Shvek now leads. Cartman only cares to know if a Wii is available, but he's told it doesn't exist anymore - it's a museum piece in the 26th century. The tower the UAL is in is attacked by the UAA, whose troops kill all the UAL members with laser-guided syringes and capture Cartman. They bring him to their ship to show off to the Allied Atheist Allegiance, which is the sea otter species. Its leader announces the age of the sea otter.