The Secrets of
"Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

The songs are REO Speedwagon - "Can't Fight This Feeling" and Starland Vocal Band - "Afternoon Delight"

Duane "Dog" Chapman, the Bounty Hunter, arrested in Hawaii on September 14, 2006, for bounty-hunting in Mexico, where that is illegal, but released the next day and required to stay in Hawaii until extradition hearings arrive. Beth is real, but Leeroy and Earl are replacements for Leland, Tim, and Duane Lee.

Token and Wendy are no longer going out. They pass by each other in the background as Kyle talks to Stan and Kenny about Ike. Stan doesn't notice.

"I have been having physical relations with one of my students." - a reverse mirror of Clinton's famous denial, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." The love letters between Miss Stevenson and Ike could be a reference to the e-mails and chats between Foley and his pages (with whom he did not have physical relations), but she doesn't mention them in the press conference, and letters between lovers are pretty common..

"the Mel Gibson defense" - the defense that people often say things they don't mean or do things they don't normally do while drunk. Miss Stevenson says as much moments later. In Mel Gibson's case, it was for saying seemingly anti-Semitic things when arrested for driving drunk in the early morning of July 28, 2006.

The revolving door - It seems those rehabilitation centers are not as effective as they say. A lot of people who go to them seem to end up drunk or on drugs again, and thus have to go back there again and again for temporary support.

We never see Miss Stevenson's twin.

Det. Yates had talked to Kyle once before, when he arrested Kyle, Stan and Kenny for downloading music without permission back in "Christian Rock Hard." How'd he forget Kyle's name after that?

Milan, Mulan - Ike misinterprets Miss Stevenson's choice of city as the Disney movie Mulan.

Most of the guys in this ep don't mind being sexually molested by older women - they wouldn't see it as sexual molestation, since they're not the ones receiving penetration.

"Beth, tell Leeroy to pull up here!" - Cartman got the name wrong. Earl's the driver, not Leeroy.

Ike is the first kindergartner, and the second boy (Jimmy was the first) to lose his virginity.

The therapist sounds a lot like Pat Robertson in "Starvin' Marvin in Space."

"You're dead to me!" - A line often used by Stephen Colbert on his Comedy Central show "The Colbert Report."