The Guest Stars of
" Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy"

by Wild Willie Westwood

The School

A Hall Monitor, A school boy, Miss Stevenson

Cartman's tenure as hall monitor begins when the hall monitor before him calls him to the principal's office. Cartmn resists, but Principal Victoria calls him to the office moments later. Cartman has no choice but to go to the office. Once there, Principal Victoria tells him it's his turn to be hall monitor, and Mr. Mackey tells him the responsibilities that come with the job. Cartman likes the fact that he gets to exert real authority, and he doesn't waste any time putting on an outfit for the part. His first victim... er, citation... is a boy he sees wandering around. The boy turns out to have a valid pass, so Cartman lets him go. When the boy challenges the need to stop him in the first place, Cartman just kicks him away. Then he sees a wad of paper that turns out to be Ike's and he learns that Ike and his teacher are dating. Miss Stevenson gets in trouble when Cartman finds her in the hall kissing Ike. He reports her to Principal Victoria, who calls the police on her. The police laugh, since they don't consider this a child molestation case, but arrest Miss Stevenson at Principal Victoria's insistence. Miss Stevenson posts bail, holds a press conference to announce that her actions were fueled by alcohol and that she'd go to a drug rehab center. She undergoes therapy and leaves the center. She goes to Ike's house to kidnap him and take him to Milan, but Kyle is alerted to her presence by some noises coming from Ike's room. He alerts his mom, who tries to convince the police to arrest Miss Stevenson again, but the police are again reluctant. She and Ike end up at the Hilton, but they head for the roof when she hears police sirens approaching. She tries to get Ike to join her in eternity, but Ike turns back at the last minute, leaving Miss Stevenson to fall to her death.

Other People In The Story

Car Salesman, Reporter, Lawyer, Rehab Therapist

The car salesman tells Cartman to get out of an SUV he's in, which Cartman does, as the video he's shooting is almost finished. The reporter breaks the story about Miss Stevenson's indictment, while the lawyer says that Miss Stevenson has agreed to drug rehabilitation. The therapist treats Miss Stevenson for alcoholism and releases her.

Dawg's Crew

Leeroy, Earl, Beth, Kyle, and Cartman the Dawg

Cartman Dawg the Hunter and his crew. Leeroy, Earl, and Beth are the people Cartman rounds up before bringing Kyle in for the hunt for Miss Stevenson. Below the row of characters in the show is a picture of the real Dog and his partner Beth. Beth weilds the bear mace while Earl drives and Leeroy assists. Kyle is in the hunt for his brother and nothing more.

The Hilton Hotel

Concierge, Receptionist

The receptionists greets Cartman and his crew, but the conceirge comes in and tries to stop the crew from looking for Ike. Beth sprays the concierge with bear mace, and the concierge begins to throw up ..