The Guest Stars of
"The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Frank and Joe Hardly, and Police Officer; Mr. Hardly

The Hardly Boys are called in twice to solve two different cases. First, a police officer calls them in to solve the mystery of the deuce in the urinal, but clues in that case lead them to the case of the World Trade Center conspiracy. Both these boys get hard, raging clues about the cases and follow their clues... wherever those clues lead them. :D Their father appears after killing the 911Truth man. He got info about the man from his sons, the Hardly Boys, and lays out for Stan the role of the U.S. government in creating 9/11 truth sites so it can get the truth out while denying it officially.

George Bush's staff - Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice

President George W.Bush has been seen before, so he doesn't need to be seen here. These are just three members of his staff. Condoleezza Rice doesn't have a line here, but it's nice to see how she would look in SP form. Donald Rumsfeld has a few lines. Dick Cheney tries to kill Stan and Kyle with his crossbow on Bush's order, but misses, and hits a marble vase behind them. The arrow hits a fire alarm, which turns the sprinklers on. Some aides rush in and the open doors give the boys a chance to escape.

Man from

This man is the guy Stan and Kyle go to about getting Kyle off the hook about both 9/11 and the deuce in the urinal - but he's not a lawyer. He gives Kyle two large jars of anthrax and says he'll use them as evidence the government was behind 9/11. Chicago police rush in after monitoring the house and arrest the man along with Stan and Kyle. The trio is given to the secret service, which presents it to Bush at the White House. Bush takes it upon himself to kill the 911Truth guy, but he turns up alive later on, after Stan and Kyle pass a McDonald's he's exiting. Kyle notices, then tells Stan. They chase the 911Truth man into an alley and corner him. He pleads for them not to kill him, but he's killed anyway, by ... Mr. Hardly.

Leroy, a new classmate

Leroy shows up in this episode to talk about his frog, which he doesn't name. No word as to his becoming a regular background character. He reminds me a bit of Kyle's cousin, Kyle.