The Secrets of
"Make Love, Not Warcraft"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Stan's dad has a picture of the moonshot used in Willzyx in the den, but withuot the whale on it. Underneath is the word DETERMINATION.

There's a Starcraft poster in a room next to the boardroom.

The rogue's computer has a L337 sticker on it. L337 comes from "elite," which is synonymous with "master." A L337 H4XOR is a master hacker.

MMORPG - Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

xp = experience. Windows XP also used XP for "eXPerience" when it first appeared.

"In the outside world, I'm a simple geologist, but in here... I am Valkorn, Defender of the Alliance." - reminiscent of the DVDA song "I Am Chewbacca," in which the singer works in a cubicle in a boring job, but pretends he's actually Chewbacca the Wookiee.

The rogue eats Chips-A-Ho cookies, while Kenny drinks Big Balls energy drink. Kyle and Cartman drink Red Balls, and Stan is drinking ROCKSTAR energy drinks. Bet Rockstar is lovin it. :) Also, Stan is eating from Cup Ramen (a spoof of Cup Noodles)

Hello Kitty Island Adventure? XD

"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Clyde?" - Cartman knows French when he hears it, but doesn't care what it's saying. Here, it's "Would you like to sleep with me, Clyde?" The line comes from Labelle's hit, "Lady Marmalade." The lady in question is a high-class prostitute asking a customer to sleep with her, which is why you hear "Voulez-vous" instead of "Veux-tu."

Clyde reads Playboy and has a SEXY ROBOT poster on one of his walls. He's taking after Kenny. :D

The calendar on the wall in Gerald's den reads "October" and the last X is on the second Wednesday - October 11, the date of next week's episode. Of course, Friday the 13th is there too. :)

The school computers have South Park Cows screen savers installed.

The boys brought old computers to Cartman's basement. They look like computers from 14 years ago. The monitors, except Kenny's, are up-to-date though.

When Liane comes down with the bedpan for Cartman, Stan is suddenly missing from his post, yet his character continues to move around in WoW. :D When she leaves, Stan is back at his desk.

"When Hitler rose to power there were a lot of people who just stopped playing. You know who those people were? The French!" - the French are often taunted for rolling over on their backs for Hitler instead of fighting back in World War II.

Tweek's coffee cup has "Java Jockey" on it.

Clyde reading from a Playboy magazine and Cartman reporting that they've lost Clyde comes from Dr. Strangelove

The Sword of a Thousand Truths is actually the Sword of the Hungering Cold:

Okay, who's funding Kenny and why hasn't that benefactor moved him and his family out of that rundown house of theirs?

Pwned is pronounced "powned," as it is a misspelling of "owned."

Sometimes, the boys are playing with their keyboards layouts flipped horizontally, so that the number pad is on the left side rather than the right. So does Randy, but as soon as this happens at Best Buy, the keyboards are displayed correctly in Cartman's basement... but still flipped at Best Buy.

The boy at the demo desk is wearing a Chinpoko Mon (purple Chuchunezumi) cap.

The rogue player has a "Buccaneers of the Bahamas" souvenir cup (spoofing "Pirates of the Caribbean") during the final battle.

It can be argued that the last noises coming from the rogue player was one last crap - something said to happen to people who have just died and demonstrated in "Something Wall*Mart This Way Comes" and "The Return of Chef." The rogue would then be indeed without a life.

When Cartman is directing the others during the final battle, some of his dialougue is reminiscent of the beginning of the infamous Leeroy Jenkins video (click on the first video link there). Some similarities are the way he says 'Christ' and 'I will use Intimidating Shout'.


Token' has his guitar in his room.
Stan has the Mad Max poster on his wall.
Cartman's basement has the Antonio Banderas blowup love doll and various Chinpoko Mon in it, as well as his older plushies.

Nitpicker's Corner: What the episode got wrong

Here is a list of things Matt and Trey got wrong about the World of Warcraft. These were submitted to me or I found them online in some forums. I don't play WoW:

Casting time for pyroblast is 6 seconds
A lot of those animations aren't in the game.

Chaos the Dark One, a WoW player, compiled this list:

  1. Randy claimed to be a hunter, but he was obviously a Human Warrior. Humans CAN'T be hunters. He's such a noob.
  2. Cartman made it seem like there was only one type of dwarf in the game. Ideally you can make your character look different using different hair and face types, as well as choose your class. (Job)
  3. On that note, Butters saying "there or only 4 races to choose from" There's eight. Four are on the alliance, Four on the Horde. No Horde characters were featured in this episode.
  4. The blue wolf pattern on Stan's character is called a Tabard.... Specifically he was wearing the Frostwolf Tabard. It's a reward you can only get by playing as a Horde character. There's no normal way Stan could have gotten that Tabard. Now who's the hacker?
  5. Speaking of the hacker.... I have no idea WHO he was supposed to be... a human male, with mage powers and wearing a helm only a warrior or Paladin could use. And the whole summoning scorpions thing? Can't be done... unless you are a GM. (Admin, as they called them in this episode) Only a GM could do half the crap that happened in this episode.
  6. Cartman's boar killing plan would be moot under normal circumstances. Enemies give less and less experience points the higher level you are, and once you get 10 level above an enemy, that enemy no longer gives ANY experience points.
  7. "There were over 5000 people killed in the Arathi Highlands." That number would crash the server. The largest event I've ever been to couldn't have had more than 400 people in the same zone at the same time, and we all felt the effects.
This is far from a comprehensive list, and its inclusion here shouldn't detract from your enjoyment of this episode.

Live To Win, by Paul Stanley, October 2006

Frustrated, degraded, down before you're done
Rejection, depression, can't get what you want
You ask me how I make my way
You ask me everywhere and why
You hang on every word I say
But the truth sounds like a lie

Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes
Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall

Obsessive, compulsive, suffocate your mind
Confusion, delusions, kill your dreams in time
You ask me how I took the pain
Crawled up from my lowest low
Step by step and day by day
'Till there's one last breath to go (chorus)
Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes
Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall

Day by day, kickin' all the way, I'm not cavin' in
Let another round begin, live to win
Yeah, live, yeah, win


Llive to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes
Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting 'till you fall

Day by day, kickin' all the way, I'm not cavin' in
Let another round begin, live to win
Live to win
Live to win
Yeah, live, yeah, win