The Guest Stars of
"Make Love, Not Warcraft"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Nelson, USGS geologist

Nelson looks much different here than he did in "Goobacks" He sees Randy at the computer and asks him if he's working on sediment analysis. Randy tells him he's participating in an MMORPG and goes on to show him the character he's playing as and what it means to him to be playing that character. Later in the episode, Randy calls up Nelson to borrow his computer, as Stan has taken the family computer to ...somewhere. Nelson turns him down.

World of Warcraft Support Line Representative and her boss

The rep is one of many people who field calls from frustrated players wondering who is killing their characters. Her boss walks by to check up on her and she tells him of yet another call, then advises that he tell the guys upstairs about this crisis.

Blizzard Gaming Entertainment President and his board members, including Jim and Thomas

These seven men have to figure out how to stop the rogue player from killing everyone at will. One of them mentions the Sword of a Thousand Truths, but he's reminded of its power and danger. He responds with the prophecy that there may be players in the future who could handle this weapon, and now seems to be the time. The Presdient and Member 1 (with graying sideburns) go in search of that player, who goes by the name of lovestospooge. They can't find him, but since Randy is his father and a new WoW player, they entrust him with the sword. He goes to Best Buy to enter the game and give the sword to Stan.

Best Buy Greeter, Boy at Best Buy demo, The Rogue Player

The greeter at Best Buy points out the demo table to Randy, who quickly goes over there and shoves the boy out of the way. The rogue player plays so much he hardly moves anymore to keep killing other players and go up the levels. He's the one who strikes fear into player and executive alike.

The SP kids, Randy, and the Rogue as WoW characters

Stan (Staniscool), Kyle, Cartman, Kenny

Token, Clyde, Craig

Jimmy and Timmy

Butters (on the left)

Ike, Randy (Valcorn), The Rogue