The Secrets of

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Cartman is drinking a Red Bull energy drink.

Cartman is eight again.

Cartman's television set is a FONY. ;)

Next to the Cartman house is an empty lot. The walkup and driveway are there, but there's no house they lead to. The same thing is true at Craig's house.

Nanny Stella upholds the stereotype of Brits having bad teeth.

One of the kids Nanny Jo has dealt with is Damian, Satan's son.

A portrait of Randy and Sharon Marsh shows up next to a china cabinet behind Jo in the intro to her program, but none of the three kids nor the other woman at the table with her is a Marsh.

Butters' voice is sounding more normal and solid than it used to.

Sumie paintings - Oriental paintings made with a brush and black ink on rice paper. It originated in China.

"Where am I supposed to get a gun?" - Stan could always ask his dad for one. Or Uncle Jimbo.

Nanny 911, with Nannies Lillian, Deb, Stella, and Yvonne
Super Nanny, starring Jo Frost
The Dog Whisperer, starring Cesar Millan

Movie/TV references
  1. The Dark Crystal - Nanny Skexis, from the species Skexis in the movie, akin to old crows.
  2. Return of the Jedi - the holographic Cartmans
  3. Contact -
  4. Altered States - Cartman in various states of being
  5. Mad Max - "you have a choice, hack through the metal or through your leg, through your leg is faster" (a few people say this line is more a reference to Saw than to Mad Max, but I don't know if MnT saw Saw)
Lessons of the ep:
  1. Don't give up on adult relationships when you're a single mom with a son who's the light of your life and who's replaced a male close to your age as a friend.
  2. Don't let your kids walk all over you.