The Secrets of
"Cartoon Wars, Part II"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Matt Stone voices George Bush, except in the Al Qaeda short - there, Trey Parker voices him.

Nice psychout at the beginning with Terrance & Phillip, reminiscent of "Terrance & Phillip: Not Without My Anus" eight years ago. But even they couldn't show Muhammad. :D

Several posters for 26, a 24 parody, are shown: the first one is shown when Cartman gets past security at FOX Studios.

The FOX Studio lobby looks like the Marriott Renaissance Hotel lobby on Highland Av. north of Hollywood Bl..

Why is Bart shown speaking slowly here? Usually, he's pretty fast.

I suppose "Ay Caramba" is a Bart Simpson trademark. Bart here says "Cowabunga" instead.

Bart is not once called by his name. He's just called "kid."

"I stole the head off a statue once." - Bart stole the head off the statue of Jebediah Springfield in "The Telltale Head." Of course, Cartman tops that. :D

President Bush is shown smarter than the reporters interviewing him.

"My name is little Danny Pocket." - There's a Danny Pocket brand of T-shirt available, with a penguin over the heart. I don't know if Matt and Trey know about that.

Cartman not recognizing manatees? He wasn't in class the day Ms. Choksondik had the class dissect them.

The preview had Cartman entering the writing room when it was empty. Here the room is alive with activity, with animators going about their business.

Manatees => MnT => Matt and Trey. From this can be deduced that they're the ones unmoved by terrorism, and that they'll stop working on the show if any (more) of their ideas are removed (censored) by Comedy Central. This also shows that they'd rather apologize later than restrain themselves now.

Some of the screens the Family Guy animators are looking at also have manatees on them. This gives the animators a chance to see the manatees' ideas on their own screens and animate accordingly.

Hehe, the FOX President has a red phone of last resort like the US Presidents do.

"0 0 destruct" - part of the self-destruct code for the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek. It is the captain's part, which is "0-0-0-Destruct-0 Initiate"

Kyle never did see the manatees.

Cold Age: The Smackdown

The banner in the King of the Hill offices says "11th Season!" but in fact (Spring 2006) the show is curently in its 10th season, just like South Park.

Kyle vs Cartman = Peter vs the Giant Chicken

"But if you give in to that, Doug, you're allowing terrorism to work." - Doug here refers to Doug Herzog, Comedy Central president. Kyle calls him by name just once.

The unmarried pregnant American woman is ... Katie Holmes.

Comedy Central may have told Matt and Trey not to show Mohammed, but they retaliated by making that censored scene, which is a parody of the censored scenes in the eps now shown in syndication. Anne Garefino has said that the uncensored version exists, in case Comedy Central ever decides to put it on air.

Now that the Mohammed episode has aired, I wonder how many people in the world of South Park still have their heads in the sand. :D

Some people have revelled in the fact that Comedy Central allowed Jesus to poop all over everyone while censoring the Mohammed clip the show made, seeing it as a way for Matt and Trey to show that here in the West we'll go ahead and trash whatever we want, even Jesus, even Mohammed. But, since this was an Al Qaeda Films production, and seeing how people like Osama bin Laden see us, the counter-message is that the West is decadent and that Western civilization isn't worth keeping if it goes ahead and revels in stull like people pooping all over each other. Muslims in his side of the world disdain us for acting that way, and they're quite willing to shove that in our faces.