The Guest Stars of
"Cartoon Wars, Part II"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Network President, Bart Simpson, Trucker

The CBC Network President makes it clear that he makes the decisions as to what airs and what doesn't. He had censored Terrance & Phillip from airing Mohammed on "Mystery at the Lazy 'J' Ranch" and Terrance & Phillip came to his office to complain about it. Bart Simpson, who went unnamed in the episode, wants to get rid of Family Guy as badly as Cartman does. He helps Cartman stall Kyle while Cartman goes to stop Family Guy from airing the Muhammad episode. Kyle has a long talk with him and Bart turns the tables on Cartman. A trucker drives Kyle to the studios after learning why he doesn't have his face in the sand like most everyone else does. The trucker likes Family Guy, so he supports Kyle in his cause.

FOX Studios

Receptionists 1 and 2, FOX Executive, Miss Travis, Mitchell

Head of Programming and fellow Programmers

The first receptionist has Cartman wait along with Bart to speak to the FOX president. Bart leaves after hearing Cartman's credentials (chopping up an older kid's parents and feeding them back to him in a bowl of chili beats stealing a head off a treasured town statue any day. :D). The second receptionist takes Cartman to the FOX president's office. After Cartman talks to the president and his staff, one of the staffers reminds the president what would happen if the episode is pulled. The third receptionsit, Miss Travis, takes Cartman from the president's office to the Family Guy studios. Mitchell takes Cartman from the main office to the writing staff's office, where he explains what the writing staff does. When the episode is to air, the head of programming requests the president's final word - go or no - and the president finally gives the OK for the episode to air. Two programmers have their keys ready in case the episode needs to be aborted, and they use the keys to open the "abort" lid. They remove the keys as soon as they hear the episode is going to air, and sigh happily. The third programmer, who gets to press the "air episode" button, gives a thumb up when the OK is given, and presses the button.

White House Press Corps

Reporters, including ones from TCO and LSX

The reporters here are all asking Bush about the significance of the First Amendment in the Mohammed episode of Family Guy. Some think his administration put the amendment in place, others are wondering if he's going to change it somehow in light of the episode. Bush asnwers them intelligently, which runs counter to the way mass media portrays him.

Family Guy Guests

Waiter, Gary Coleman

The idea balls the manatees come up with involve Peter winning a trip to Mexico with Gary Coleman, who says his trademark line, "Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis?"

Al Qaeda Films Presents

Osama bin Laden, Americans, including George Bush, and Jesus

Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahri's Al Qaeda Films produced an animated short to air as soon as Mohammed is shown in Family Guy. In Islam, no image of Mohammed, positive, neutral or negative, is allowed to be shown. The short has Americans, George Bush (Trey), and finally Jesus (Trey again), crapping all over each other.

The unmarried pregnant American woman is Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise's wife and mother to new daughter Suri.