The Secrets of
"Cartoon Wars, Part I"

by Wild Willie Westwood, with sources from all over the Web

Cartman uses "Heeb" here for the first time. He apparently took the wrong lesson from the Tunnel of Prejudice in "The Death Camp of Tolerance"

The Team America: World Police music at the end of the episode is "Putting A Jihad On You."

Family Guy is used as a mirror in many places.

What was al-Zawahri really saying in those live clips?

Family Guy = South Park
A cartoon with Mohammed in it, and the protests over it = The Danish cartoons published first in Fall 2005, and the February 2006 riots that followed
Family Guy doesn't care who they insult! = South Park not sparing anybody.

What South Park got sorta right about Family Guy: the voices for Peter and Stewie, and the throwaway references to the 1970s and '80s in the form of flashbacks. Unlike Family Guy, South Park usually makes those references part of the plot.

"Take cover in the community center again!" - reference to "Two Days Before The Day after Tomorrow," when the town runs into the center to avoid Global Warming.

Mr. T Tea. Say it fast enough... :D And his tea stand is called A-TEAnnnm...

Randy drinks from a Corona bottle at the bar. Cartman carries cans of Dr. Pep-er with him on the trip to Los Angeles.

Snacky Cakes and Cheesy Poofs return.

"Goddamned Family Guy! Now they're just provoking people! It's like they want a holy war!" - Some say that the two religion-themed episodes of South Park's ninth season, both of which haven't aired again on Comedy Central, provoked people as well - certainly Tom Cruise was provoked, as was the Catholic League.

Ike and Kyle burning up and their flesh turning to bone comes from many an action flick where characters are consumed by fire.

"we didn't watch it, we didn't hear it, and we didn't talk about it" - See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Why did the Mayor call for only 8 dozen shovels?

Cartman complaining about being compared to Family Guy comes from a few interviews in which Matt and Trey mentioned they hated the show and their humor being compared to Family Guy and its humor.

Regular cars whiz by Cartman and Kyle, but the police car acts like it can't pass them and stop them where they are.

The police car loses control and breaks up but doesn't explode, but Kyle's Big Wheels falls down the cliff and DOES explode, even though hard plastic doesn't usually explode.

The scene where Kyle's Big-Wheels falls down a hill and explodes mirrors a scene from Family Guy's episode, "I Never Met the Dead Man," in which a horse and carriage that Meg was racing fall down a hill and explode.

The sun shown in center screen when Jesus and President Bush come in and poop on everyone is the same as the sun shown in Trey Parkerís short film "American History."