The Guest Stars of
"Smug Alert"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Peter Thompson and Nancy Jarvis, Paul McDonahue and Paulie Beaumont-McCallahan, Alan, Gail and Brian

Brian Thompson-Jarvis, Mindy McDonahue-Beaumont-McCallahan, and two San Francisco boys

These are the people who visit the Broflovskis at their new San Francisco home. All of them are rather pleasant, actually, except for a slight air of pretension which makes them fart and sniff up as much of it as they can before it escapes. The kids are put off by this, but find no other recourse but to trip on acid. They offer Kyle and Ike some, but Kyle and Ike decline until they see their own father sniff up his own fart like a hungry wolf. Then Kyle takes half a hit while Ike takes three hits.

Blonde, Wake Up America Spokeswoman, Ranger McFriendly, Keenan Williams, Haight-Ashbury Man

The blonde talks to Jimbo about the ethics of driving hybrid cars while Stan sings. The Wake Up America spokeswoman is there to congratulate Stan on making South Park the city with the highest percentage of hybrid car owners. Ranger McFriendly warns Stan about the dangers of smug after Stan gets his award - McFriendly also punches Stan in the face for causing this smug to appear. Keenan Williams is South Park News' weatherman who puts out a special Smug Alert and warns the town of an imminent perfect storm. This man in Haight-Ashbury is talking to another man about how European San Francisco feels.