The Guest Stars of
"The Return of Chef!"

by Wild Willie Westwood

Detective Jarvis

Detective Jarvis is called to the school after children begin reporting strange pedophile behavior from Chef, who had just returned from a three-month visit to the Super Adventure Club. He brings a doll with him to help the kids open up to him, but he begins to do sexually suggestive things with the doll. He doesn't get anywhere with the class.

Dr. Neeland's Office

Woman Patient, Nurse, Dr. Neeland

A woman is waiting to see Dr. Neeland. She gets disgusted by Chef's inappropriate comments to the boys. The nurse comes out and gets Chef and the boys. The doctor takes a look at Chef's ear canal and proclaims his brain pretty scrambled (you know he got that diagnosis from just speaking to Chef). After the boys tell him what Chef loved to do before having sex with children, he tells them to go to the Peppermint Hippo to turn Chef around.

The Peppermint Hippo, revisited

Blonde Stripper, Spantaneous Bootay

The boys return to the Peppermint Club to get the old Chef back, and we meet two new strippers. The blonde stripper is trying to get Chef excited, but that doesn't work. She and Cartman exchange words after he tells her to dance. Chef doesn't get excited until he sees Spantaneous Bootay walk out to the stage and begin dancing. She moves rather gracefully for a huge woman. She buries Chef's face in her breasts and then her ass before letting go. After this, Chef is back to normal... until two darts take him down.

The Super Adventure Club

William P. Connolly, Marksman, Marine, William, Tech

Butler, Security Guards, Darth Chef

The boys are greeted by a black butler when they arrive at the Super Adventure Club. He shows them in. William P. Connolly, Esq. is the current Head Adventurer, so he plans all the trips out for the Super Adventure Club and has to tell people the difference between this club and the regular Adventure Club. He's the guy behind William spitting darts at Chef, tying him down in the Deprivation Room, and reading him the SAC manual. After the bridge tore in two and began burning, the Club approaches the edge and the Marksman kicks a stone down accidentally, and the stone knocks Chef off the bridge. The Marine and the Tech monitor Chef's reconstruction. Two security guards are called in to escort the boys out the door, but Kyle grabs a bat and knocks them both down. The boys excape to get Chef. After everybody left Chef to die at the bottom of the canyon, the SAC goes back to get him and bit him with bionic parts - and he becomes Darth Chef.