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Accidental Porn Stars: Carrie Fisher and Friends

Our apologies if we got a few nerds tight in the man-panties envisioning lost footage of Princess Leia in the chain-mail bikini bending over for Boba Fett-this footage does exist, of course, but it's locked securely in the LucasFilm vaults and available only for private viewings (password at the door: "Spielberg's a hack").

But for those us without access to Lucas' ranch, yes, Carrie Fisher technically appeared in a porno widely available to anyone with money. Sorta. An associate producer of the original Star Wars movie decided to make himself a hella dirty movie and invited a few Hollywood types over to watch.

In addition to Fisher, Timothy Hutton, Richard Dreyfuss, Matt Stone and Trey Parker sat on the sidelines during the making of the XXX-rated film Profiles #8. For those of you currently scrounging around desperately for your credit card and eBay password, be advised that none of the big names actually participated in the humpfest-but if watching a bored Princess Leia make small talk with Timothy Hutton while an anonymous couple fucks in front of them gives you some some small measure of joy in your life, be sure to check it out.

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Trey Parker Introduces Himself to Hollywood in the Most Memorable Way Possible

During the first season of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone quickly became two of the most talked about names in Hollywood despite the fact that nobody knew what they looked like. It would be a few months before their faces caught up with them via magazine articles and the limited cinematic release of their first feature film, a cult comedy about the porn industry called Orgazmo. But for a few months there, Parker and Stone could have been two elderly Asian ladies for all anyone knew.

While researching Orgazmo, Parker became friendly with porn star Tim Lake, who invited him to one of the strangest parties in Hollywood history. Like most parties that porn stars attend, there would be a bunch of people boning on camera. But unlike any other porn set in recorded history, there would also be a bunch of legitimate Hollywood movers and shakers milling about in the background. Basically, the legitimate side of the film industry thought it would be good ironic fun to get drunk in the presence of the legal prostitution side of their business. The adult film that resulted has actually appeared in a previous Cracked article because Carrie Fisher can be seen hanging out in the background, and we like to see people's eyes light up during the first half of that sentence.

The point is, most people would have just been grateful for the invite. But Parker was not most people. Realizing that all the legitimate industry types at the party would know his name and not his face, and double-checking that he truly didn't give a fuck, Parker hatched a plan. Prior to the party, Parker and his porn star friend switched identities. The porn star went around introducing himself as Trey Parker, and explaining that he was there researching an upcoming movie. Meanwhile, Parker introduced himself as a porn director, and when a porno eventually broke out in the living room, he began directing the action. According to one eyewitness, Parker fully committed to the role, stalking around the humping people like a French New Wave film director with a vision, while yelling things like "More ass. I need more ass in this shot!"

At first, the fake Trey Parker hung back and pretended to be taking notes. But at a certain point, the real Parker directed the porn star pretending to be Parker to jump in, at which point fake Parker stripped naked and began expertly humping away in front of the camera. That's how a crowd of agents, producers and Princess freaking Leia herself were introduced to the famously shy writer-animator behind South Park.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an entrance.

Farrrell Timlake Responds (in the comments section of the article)

I am Farrell Timlake, aka "Tim Lake", and I need to make a few corrections and additions about the Trey Parker prank. Actually, the party was thrown by Charles Wessler, a well known producer, and he did know what Trey looked like because he was one of his early advocates. As part of his study for writing Orgazmo, Trey asked if we could shoot a porn in Charley's place and Charley suggested inviting his friends, Carrie, but also Tim Hutton, Richard Dreyfuss, and Buck Henry and of course their respective entourages...

Trey, Matt, myself, and Jason McHugh were big on doing what we called "prankster porn" and we were still high after pranking Fox News. Trey came up with the idea of him and myself trading places, Charley was on board with it, and we were full of shenanigans all night. At one point I urged Carrie to grab the camera so I could take a whizz,

"I have to go - can't stop shooting - can you get the shot? I said holding the camera out to her. "What shot should I get?" She asked, a real pro in front and behind the camera as always. "Close ups! JUST GET CLOSE UPS!" I cheered.

Then there were our Production Assistants wandering around serving coffee and doughnuts while the shoot was going on; who on cue began to get so turned on by the action, they sneak off to the balcony to ball for all of West LA to enjoy. Buck didn't miss a beat but followed them right out with his camera.

I know there is a picture some where of Matt Stone passing gas on Dreyfuss as he holds fingers to his lips in the classic "oops" pose.

When "fake Trey" dropped trou and jumped in the action, there was an audible gasp of "oh noooooo" like everyone in there was watching a great talent ruin his career before it ever had a chance to launch into superstardom.

The next day, Trey's attorney/agent was at a cocktail party. A few of the attendees were there.

"Did you hear what Trey did?"