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January 15, 2005 This week on Matt & Trey news: Team America hits the UK. There's a LOT to catch up on, so here we go!

THUNDERBIRDS creator Gerry Anderson has given his blessing to this outrageous film featuring puppet sex and violence. The article also covers the reports of Matt and Trey not working together, of Sean Penn being pissed off at them, of the puppet sex scene, and a recap about South Park.

Team America - and they're still a team

No plans for now, except to continue working on South Park. Matt had to reacquaint himself with his girlfriend and his dogs. Him not working with Trey was a misquote.

Team America: World Police

A review of the film.

Matt Stone on Team America: World Police

Q: There's a rumour circulating that you and Trey Parker are no longer working together - is that true?
A: Quite the contrary. We worked so hard on this, doing 16 hour days almost every single day through 2004 and we never wanted to kill each other. That's kind of amazing if you think about it.
I read this article recently that some of the PsychOps guys, when they were storming Fallujah, went through the streets playing loud music to freak everybody out on big speakers on the tanks. And they actually played 'America! Fuck Yeah!'. I felt like some kind of DaDa artist, the joke was complete then. It was done.

60-Second Interviwe

Q: What's next for South Park?
A: We've just done a whole bunch of new episodes. After doing this movie, we realised what a great gig we have with South Park. As long as they let us, we'll keep making it. We started and thought we'd get up to six episodes maximum and now we have 120.
Q: Have you thought about a Team America spoof on South Park?
A: We are actually planning one - it's a funny idea. Just to let rip at ourselves.

Stone defends celebrity satire

The title speaks for itself, and also shows that the film works if all sides are lanpooned. The balance between responsibility and free speech is also discussed.

Here's some non-UK related news.
Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame Musician, Isaac Hayes, Unveils New Cookbook Of Kidney-Friendly Recipes for People With Chronic Kidney Disease
Following the death of close friend and fellow legend, Barry White, due to kidney failure, celebrity chef Isaac Hayes has taken on a new initiative to help people with chronic kidney disease revive their passion for food. Tomorrow, Sunday, Hayes will introduce recipes from the new "Kidney Friendly Comfort Foods: A Collection of Recipes for Eating Well with Chronic Kidney Disease", a cookbook filled with delicious and healthy recipes that put a low-phosphorus spin on some old favorites.

South Park Conservatives

They used to be called South Park Republicans, but Republicans are not the only conservatives around. Brian Anderson is about to release a new book, "South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias." David Skinner asks him about it in this article.
January 21, 2005 Here's a columnist I haven't heard from in a while: Anthony C. LoBaido. I love how he mangles South Park eps when he remembers them. Read this little gem. :D
I remember my father watching a South Park episode where Santa Claus was saying four letter words to Jesus and children were eating solid human waste on their Christmas dinner while chanting, “Eat it up … yum, yum, yum.”
He's refering to "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", where Santa and Jesus performed as a duo (with four-letter words - he got that right. :D) and children were eating poo while dancing in the snow, not during dinner. "Howdy ho ho, yum yum yum!"
February 17, 2005
Anybody in Connecticut? Catch Isaac Hayes at Mohegan Sun, tonight through Sunday. Show times:
Thursday and Friday, 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8 p.m.
Sunday, 7 p.m.
Price is $25/person. The Cabaret Theater at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville. (860) 862-7163. Thanks to Greenwich Time for this info.
February 22, 2005
There's a term for being born with a conjoined head: craniopagus parasiticus. Here's an article about a 10-month-old girl who had to lose the second head in order to develop normally. Nurse Gollum didn't go through this though.
February 24, 2005
Fairplay, CO., has opened the South Park Recreational Center. It's not really related to the show, but it's something. :)
February 28, 2005
South Park fans get chance to kill Kenny. THQ Wireless has signed a licensing agreement with MTV Networks International to bring South Park to mobile phones in Europe, as the adult cartoon series enters its eighth season. The branded wireless products will include games, video clips, ring tones, wallpapers, screensavers and MMS.
From Homer to Scooby Doo: our love affair with the cartoon. Channel 4 last night listed the UK's favourite animations - they prefer satire to slapstick. Jonathan Brown delves behind the scenes of the top five. And #3 they chose...
3: They killed Kenny, but the show goes on

Approaching its ninth network series in the US, with global television deals, a merchandising empire and an Oscar-nominated film, it now seems hard to think that South Park began life in the nerd world of internet film.
In 1996, The Spirit of Christmas - the story of four foul-mouthed boys from the Colorado town of South Park - was created for a Fox executive to send as a video Christmas card. Made on a budget of just $2,000 (£1,045) Matt Stone and Trey Parker's show depicting a battle between Jesus and Santa Claus over the ownership of Christmas, was never shown on television. After achieving cult status on the internet, the cable TV network Comedy Central offered the animators their own show. The first episode, Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, was screened in 1997.
The stars are Stan, the group's leader voiced by Parker, who vomits when he talks to a girl; his best friend and the butt of all jokes, Kyle, voiced by Stone; Cartman, whose "mother" is an over-sexed hermaphrodite; and Kenny, who is normally killed during each episode.
US political pundits have identified a new breed of "South Park Republicans": twentysomething males who favour rampant libertarianism over liberal sensitivities. Ironically, Parker and Stone's latest offeringTeam America: World Police was condemned by many on the right for its "anti-Americanism".
Here's part of a song a song NOT aired yesterday at the Oscars, as shown in this article from CBS News: Oscar Drops Robin Williams Routine. More info at

Pinocchio's had his nose done! Sleeping Beauty is popping pills!
The Three Little Pigs ain't kosher! Betty Boop works Beverly Hills!
Fred Flintstone is dyslexic, Jessica Rabbit is really a man,
Olive Oyl is really anorexic, and Casper is in the Ku Klux Klan!

Other lines in the song: "Chip 'n' Dale are both strippers," "Bugs Bunny's a sexaholic," "the Road Runner's hooked on speed,"and "Josie and the Pussycats dance on laps."

They oughtta release that as a single. :D The South Park connection? You may recall Williams sang "Blame Canada" five years ago at the Academy Awards.
March 19, 2005
The South Park Music and Art Festival returns to Fairplay. An excerpt from the article:

'Burropalooza' organizers want to rival Telluride's music festivals
Linda Balough
March 18, 2005

FAIRPLAY - Organizers of the South Park Music and Art Festival want to double the attendance this year to more than 10,000 people and boost the attractions to more than 100 bands.
The organizers met with the Park County Board of County Commissioners recently to outline the event, which has earned the nickname "Burropalooza" among musicians and locals.
Smith told the commissioners the event would begin with a VIP gathering on Thursday, Sept. 8, and music will begin at noon and run until 7 p.m. at five outdoor stages scattered around Fairplay.
The music will then continue indoors at three other venues until about midnight Friday and resume at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, at the outdoor stages, to be followed by a street dance.
Smith told the commissioners the dates for the festival as the weekend after Labor Day were selected, "To extend the tourist season for another week."
Organization teams began meeting and planning more than a month ago, in order to make the event run smoothly and efficiently.
Bands from all over the country have already signed up for the event, which will be advertised on satellite radio and a number of other national media locations. Promoter Matt Fecher plans a gathering of top record executives to be held in Park County at the same time as the music and art festival.
March 20, 2005
Daft Punk has a new album out, "Human After All", but it might end up sounding like you're listening to an album by Ned from "South Park."
March 27, 2005
Actress/comedian Garofalo is also a radio personality reveals that Garofalo broke down in tears when she learned how she was represented in Team America and he she was killed in it.
Matt and Trey made fun of Alanis Morissette in Chef Aid, but now they can learn about Alanis' musical sitcom, which will air... well, you read for yourself. :)
Alanis Morissette is to star in a new US sitcom.

"We're With The Band" will start airing this autumn on Comedy Central, the cable station responsible for "South Park".

Whitney Matheson: Pop Candy - Some things onscreen are best left unseen is all about characters who are heard but not seen. In the case below, though, he is neither heard nor seen. :)
The best TV characters we rarely saw, if at all 13. Kenny, South Park. While we can make out the shape of Kenny's tiny body - and we've seen buckets of his blood - the tyke's full face has never been shown on television. The only time we saw what lies beneath his orange parka, in fact, was in the 1999 South Park movie, Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
March 29, 2005
Mr. Slippyfist lives!. Four years ago the episode was "Cripple Fight" and Mr. Grazier was the Boy Scout leader and child molester found with disturbing graphic photos of young boys naked. In this article, it's Douglas Sovereign Smith Jr. receiving images over the Internet of children engaging in oral sex, intercourse and other sexually explicit conduct.
April 2, 2005
Arts, Briefly has the following snippet about last Wednesday's episode. Thanks to Katherine Brennan for sending this to me. If you really want to subscribe, go ahead and sign up. Otherwise, enjoy the snippet. :)

'South Park' Echoes the Schiavo Case

On Wednesday's episode of "South Park," Kenny, the member of the animated quartet of Colorado kids who dies in every show, was kept alive by a feeding tube. "Kenny is the same he ever was," his doctor tells his parents. "It's just that now he's more like a tomato." The question of whether to take out the tube divides the other three friends, as two want him to live and one wants him to die so he can get the portable Sony PlayStation Kenny left him in his will. According to Matt Stone, who created the series with Trey Parker, "South Park" was able to parody the politics of the Terri Schiavo legal battle so quickly because they began the episode from scratch the Thursday before it was telecast. "There's kind of nothing funny about the Terri Schiavo thing," Mr. Stone said on the telephone from Los Angeles, "so that's why we did it." He added: "We, like everyone else, found that whole thing fascinating. That show, and humor in general, is how we work it out." For each episode, Mr. Stone, Mr. Parker and their staff write, animate and give voice to the show scene by scene, delivering the final version to Comedy Central on Wednesday for its broadcast that night.


April 12, 2005
Show school rejected will go on (Arizona Daily Star) - Update on the Cannibal! The Musical fiasco at a high school. The play WILL go on, if not at that school. More info below.

Cannibal! The Musical

Student-run Declare Productions will stage "Cannibal!" Friday and Saturday in Tucson, AZ, at the Downtown area's Zuzi Theater. Jason McHugh, the producer of the original movie, will be in the audience. "South Park's" Parker and Matt Stone - who can't attend - have bought a block of tickets, with two intended for the Ironwood principal.
April 16, 2005
Kosher keepers (San Francisco Chronicle) discusses the significance of wine during Passover, which comes in a week. The writer is obviously a fan of South Park though. Enjoy the read. :)
'Cannibal! The Musical' comes to stage (Arizone Daily Wildcat) tells more about the play Ironwood Ridge High School wanted off its hands. Turns out Matt Stone sent a check for $300 to be used to give out promotional tickets and let the students know that he supports them, even though he couldn't be at the performance because he's working on the new season of South Park.
OH MY GOD, THEY'VE KILLED MADONNA (The Daily Record) - The star who launched a thousand clothes crazes has reinvented herself as accident-prone South Park character Kenny, who is killed in every episode of the cartoon show. She wore the fluffy parka on her way back from a Pilates class in north London.
May 5, 2005 Cable doesn't need a nanny
Attention cable-TV couch potatoes: Keep a tight grip on your remotes. Self-appointed decency police are trying to wrest control of what you're allowed to watch. They're pressing for government regulation of cable programming they find offensive. Click the link for the rest of the article.
'Wonder' shock-ful of adult humor
An article about Wonder Showzen, for which Vernon Chatman writes. South Park needs to watch its back. :D
6 Radiohead's T - Like chocolate in your peanut butter: the genius South Park/Radiohead T-shirt is now available at (Check out Charity White and South Park Black), with all profits going to charity. So much for Thom Yorke, the humorless misanthrope.
Uhoh, the superbitches are at it again! The Parents' Television Council wants to warn your kids against South Park and other television shows. The examples of foul language and sex are from South Park. Airdates are included:
Foul Language: 6/20/01 - Mr. Garrison outing himself to the kindergartners in "It Hits The Fan"
Sex: 8/1/01 and 11/20/02 - Cartman masturbating the dog in "Proper Condom Use," (they caught a rerun, lol) Mr. Garrison inserting a gerbil into Mr. Slave's ass
You can watch the clips here as part of one big file.
May 13, 2005
Ten days of news to catch up with. So, let's begin. The first two articles are ones that CrapTV forum member Kitten found online:

Puppet sex and politics parody from South Park creators coming to DVD (National Post, Canada)
A recap of the reactions they got from some of the people they spoofed in Team America, the inclusion of the excised sex scene in one version of the DVD, the limitations in making the movie, and their desire never to work on a marionette movie ever again.

Interview: Trey Parker and Matt Stone (IGN)

A must-read. This article covers a lot of ground, so here are some highlights:
  1. Matt Stone says there's no other material to add alongside SP:BLU, so there will NOT be a special edition of the movie. This is a far cry from six years ago, when the SysAdmins for the South Park computer network at that time, said this on Ars Technica:
    Sean "Oh, man. You have no idea. The altered and deleted footage could easily take up three or four DVDs on its own. The film wasn't even going to be a musical until early this year (when, according to the original schedule, we were supposed to be well into final rendering). We've worked hard to retain all of the relevant production data on tape backup (the film system having already been largely disassembled and carted off). Most of the pieces still exist in one form or another, although reassembling some of them would require a multi-million dollar server and RAID setup. Still, I'd be more than willing to give it a go."
    Tim: "I hope for the hard core fans like yourself that they do [put some of the cut material on DVD]. There is some unbelievably funny stuff that never made it, but I am afraid there would still be a few things that couldn't be put out on that medium, either."
    My comment: With the advances in computers over the past six years, they should be able to do it now, easily.
  2. No second SP:BLU unless they get an idea.
  3. There WAS going to be a Lemmiwinks Easter episode, but once they started animating the storyboards they didn't find it that funny, so they scrapped it. And then Michael Jackson came along... "Woodland Critter Christmas" came out of that ep, though.
  4. Trey loves scenes involving Cartman and Butters interacting.
  5. The duo are considering making a new Christmas CD, including the uncensored version of "The Most Offensive Song Ever." The uncensored version many of you may know has Mr. Hankey singing the song all by himself.
  6. Dian Bachar? Oh, how they love to teast him:
    PARKER: I think he's working at a video store.
    STONE: Sleeping on a couch in some kind of…
    PARKER: He's still just a piece of shit…
    STONE: Being weird and creepy.
  7. They gave up on making a TMB movie when they realized no one would make it. No mention of 9/11 being a factor. Trey would love to see TMB come out on video. He thinks they're working on it.
The ones below are from yesterday.
Why I'm not a ‘South Park Conservative’ (Jewish World Review)
There are still conservatives who are no fans of the show. In the case of commentator Michelle Malkin, it's just too fucking vulgar for her taste.

Republicans goin' down to South Park ( Also on the Herald Sun

Brian Anderson, author of South Park Conservative, talks to The Australian about his book, and how conservatives are missing his point. Still, The Parents Television Council, a conservative group monitoring broadcast decency, recently condemned South Park as a "curdled, malodorous black hole of Comedy Central vomit".
Anderson intends to keep watching.

Gubernatorial hopefuls tune in to win voters (North Jersey)

Republican candidate Steve Lonegan knows what's up. He's plans to run commercials on the Sci Fi Channel and Comedy Central after learning that New Jersey GOP voters enjoy their shows, such as "South Park."

Movie File: Andre 3000, J. Lo, George Clooney, Trey Parker And Matt Stone, Hugh Grant & More (MTV)

With their film "Team America: World Police" arriving on DVD this month, "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone expect notoriously gruff thespian Sean Penn to remind the world that he isn't happy with his depiction in the film. As such, the filmmakers are thinking about revisiting the Oscar-winning star for their next project. "Obviously Sean Penn doesn't have a sense of humor, and I think we'll point that out," Stone said. "We should do a movie like 'Sean Penn and His Search for a Sense of Humor' ... 'Rob Schneider and Sean Penn in 'Two Goofy Buddies.' " "What a sense of humor!" Parker added, "rated PG-13." ...
October 16, 2005
South Park in the News:

Isaac Hayes is now starring in The Kellys, a series about a dedicated racing family that hails from Vermont, whose fans root for them as the most popular underdogs on the racing circuit. Hayes plays Troy Walker, the new team Kelly sponsors' representative. I guess he won't be coming back to South Park for a while. The eps are presented in HDTV format, which sucks, but there it is.
October 20, 2005
Q&A With Stone, Parker From 'South Park' (AP) — Jake Coyle interviews the duo, and we learn the following:
Ang Lee is making a movie, Brokeback Mountain, about gay cowboys. If they start eating pudding, Matt and Trey will sue! :D
They still write, direct and edit every episode themselves.
They have grown as writers, and the series shows it. When they started the show, they knew how to do funny, outrageous stuff, but they didn't know how to write.
They have a really funny breast cancer episode coming up. Wanna bet Mrs. Garrison isn't gonna be the one with the cancer? Her turning back into a man won't get rid of the cancer, either...
Now that they're older, they may want to start helping some other people produce their own movies.
Those Boys Are Back, as Timely as Ever (New York Times) —
More of the same. But here's something I noticed way back in the first season - the early eps reminded me of Peanuts, and "Those episodes, where the boys are just boys, are Mr. Stone's and Mr. Parker's favorite ones. "It feels very 'Peanuts,' " Mr. Parker said." Of course, those eps don't involve the whole town, and they may include a few adults.
If Trey hates making the show, it's because he hates doing all the hard work that goes into it. "It's super stressful. I'm always miserable. I want to kill myself every week."
November 1, 2005
Gay TV survey defies stereotypes (UPI) - They like to watch South Park as much as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
October 3 Syndication Scorecard (SBC Yahoo): South Park - 1.4
TV’s top 10 scariest characters (MSNBC):
1. Montgomery Burns, ‘The Simpsons’
2. Eric Cartman, ‘South Park’
He’s dressed up as a Klansman for Halloween, pretended to be the Tooth Fairy to steal teeth, and used a hand puppet to seduce Ben Affleck. Is he Satan? Karl Rove? Nope — he’s Eric Cartman, the demonic fourth-grader from “South Park,” a bundle of pure, unadulterated evil all wrapped up in a fat — er, big-boned — cartoony package.
South Park’s enfant terrible is terrifying not for what he’s done, but for what he is capable of. If there’s one kid who’s already purchased a one-way ticket to eternal damnation, it’s the plump little demon in the blue stocking cap. The boy simply ain’t right. And his two-dimensional existence allows creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to have Cartman act out whatever his demented little mind can dream up in a way that would have flesh-and-blood actors huddled in a corner, whimpering.
Cartman takes a feral delight in his evildoing. What happens when older student Scott Tenorman cons Cartman out of $20? Cartman sets up an elaborate scheme that ends with Tenorman happily eating chili — with his mother and father as the main ingredients. “Na na na na na na. I made you eat your parents,” Cartman excitedly taunts, then licks Scott’s face, cooing “Mmm...Your tears are so yummy and sweet."
“Dude, I think it might be best for us to never piss Cartman off again,” says a horrified Kyle. Good call.

—Brian Bellmont

December 3, 2005
From the Editor (Live 56): Understanding the Underpants Gnomes. The editor explains the Underpants Gnomes' business model - We are the investors, providing the gnomes with the underpants they need to make profit. There's the boss Gnome who reaps rewards from the profit the gnomes make from the undies. What isn't known is how the gnomes make their profit (one can assume the gnomes sell the undies at a higher price), but it doesn't matter, as there are suckers born every second who will allow the boss Gnome to make even more money.
From the Seattle Times: Disabled BBC viewers love Timmy
December 18, 2005
Farrellys' "South Park" Smackdown (Entertainment Online) - Hey you! Ricky Blitt! You might wanna talk to your producer sometime! "Veteran producer Bob Kosberg, who pitched The Ringer to the South Park brain trust, tells the trade he never actually spoke to Parker and Stone about the screenplay." Couldn't you have said something about it in May 2004, when the ep first aired? No? Well then, it's obvious now to every reader here that this is a publicity stunt.
Matt Stone and trey Parker (Rotten Tomatoes) - Whoa, wait a minute! What do we have here? "You're right about how rotten it was for them to steal this when I have absolute proof my idea preceded theirs by four to five years." What absolute proof is that?! "I had a producer pitch it directly to them." But Bob Kosberg never actually spoke to Parker and Stone about it! That's some direct pitching, I tell you! And now accusing them of stealing even Jimmy! For shame! As Matt Stone said in Entertainment Weekly, ''I don't have a problem with him letting people know that he didn't rip it off. But just don't accuse us the other way.''
Catholic group rails against new South Park (CBC) - The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has condemned "Bloody Mary" and demanded that Viacom, Comedy Central's parent company, issue an apology to Roman Catholics and "a pledge that this episode be permanently retired and not be made available on DVD."
U.S. Bishops' President Criticizes Viacom For South Park Mockery of Virgin Mary on Comedy Central (Yahoo! News) - The USCCB weighs in on the bleeding Virgin statue controversy from "Bloody Mary." It just wants the show to be more considerate of its Catholic viewers in the future, which is a much milder reaction than the Catholic League's request for Comedy Central not to air the ep again or release it on DVD.
Could Tom Cruise Sue "South Park" For Suggesting He is Gay? And Even If He Could, Should He? (Findlaw) - The author Julie Hilden replies: he couldn't (since the show is a satire, not a documentary), and if he could, he shouldn't if he's thinking of rebutting the argument that he's gay (he'll have a better shot at proving he's telling the truth than at proving he's straight).
South Park Creator Goes `Chic' as Seattle's Condos Lure Rich (Bloomberg) - When Trey Parker, co-creator of the animated television show South Park, wants a big-city experience, he jets out of Los Angeles. His urban hideaway: Seattle. "L.A. is just the kind of place where, even though it's a big city, you can't walk to anything,'' Parker, 36, says. "There's not much of a sense of a community.''
Potter parody in 'Mad' magazine (HPANA) - I wonder which parts are imagined to be by Matt and Trey? :D
Breaking the last laugh barrier (JewishWorldReview) - General commentary on laughing at people with disabilities. The news here is that How's Your News? is being turned into a pilot for an MTV show in March.