South Park In The News


January 11
Taboos (The Age) - TV is more liberal these days than it was even a few years ago, Australina TV is more liberal than other TV, and some taboos remain to be toppled. South Park is mentioned as an example of a show that has broken taboos and shocked audiences.
Dumb and loving it (Record Online) - Dumb culture these days is more pervasive than ever, expanding and evolving faster than ever before. South Park espouses dumb culture more than any cartoon before it.
Political Lies (Tech Central Station) - Tax policies are rarely as clear-cut as politicians make them out to be, and their attempts to clarify things in a few seconds amounts to lies. as those attempts lend themselves to pithy statements. Stan Marsh is held up as the voice of reason, pointing out the complexity to the big questions. (Stan was talking about John Edward's penchant for telling people only positive things from their dearly departed instead of pondering with them what really happens after death)
Those Who Hunt Elves DVD Vol. 2: Elf-Stripping for Fun and Profit (Anime News Network) - the less-than-fluid animation in this show serves to accentuate the comedy, as it does in South Park.
BG-based rap group gets Grammy nods (Daily News) - Nappy Roots has been nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "Po' Folks," which they recorded with singer Anthony Hamilton, and Best Long Form Video (given for video album packages that have more than one song and track) for "The World According to Nappy." You might remember them from their song "Riches to Ragz" on the SP:BLU soundtrack.
Groups calls on Congress to probe gambling machines aimed at children (Gambling News) - A slot machine based on South Park was considered and rejected, but this brough about discussions on the use of cartoon themes on the slots. Of course, South Park isn't aimed at kids, but that doesn't stop them from watching...
No. 1 mash hits (smh) - All about potatoes in the movies. Tom Hanks is the potato. :D The article even mentions Dr. Doctor replacing Kenny's heart with a potato in SP:BLU!
Food for fantasy (smh) - Not to be outdone, chefs on television get covered here. Christine Cremen, the author of this piece, dismisses Chef because she wouldn't be in the mood to make sweet love down by the fire after a big Christmas dinner, preferring to doze off instead. :D
Vodafone D2 Turns SMS Into MMS by Launching New 'Fun21' Visual Messaging Service (Silicon Valley) - FunMail and conVISUAL launch a new service called Send-A-Fun21 in which cartoon characters, as images or color animations, deliver a text message to the recipient. Among the characters being used are those from Garfield and South Park.
January 20
Double whammy (The Miami Herald) - A former South Floridian co-created MTV's new series, Clone High USA. This new show is tamer than Beavis and Butt-head, more family-friendly than South Park. Phil Lord, co-creator of the show says,
"After South Park it's become kind of hard," Lord says. "They do such a good job they kind of ruined that kind of humor for everyone else. You can't be more raunchy and they are clever, too. No one is better at that kind of humor so we don't even try. We're not above working blue, we're not comedy snobs . . . we just decided not to compete with that sort of thing."
To bleep or not to bleep (Or the seven words you can say on TV) (Toronto Star) - The seven dirty words are pretty much permitted on TV now, but TV itself is split into two camps. In one, you have blistering cable fare, shows such as The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, The Shield, The Wire, South Park, The Osbournes and Oz. In the other, you have everything else: shows that still abide by increasingly anachronistic decency standards, even though culture has dramatically changed since George Carlin's 1972 standup routine, "The Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV."
January 27
Saddam to Siberia? Residents reveal their wishes for Iraq leader (Bluefield Daily Telegraph) - Local residents mention what they would do if they were given the chance to exile Saddam Hussein from Iraq. One woman would send him to hell and make him Satan's boyfriend, like in South Park. This was shown in "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka."
D'Oh! Other shows not even close to 'Simpsons' (Scripps Howard News Service) - The title explains itself, but this article discusses the two more years The Simpsons has been renewed for. South Park is mentioned as having the makings of another great cartoon. I've heard from some Simpsons fans that recent seasons of that show just aren't as good as earlier seasons.
February 4
South Park satire pokes fun at Saddam (The News-Star) - South Park is here to provide laughs in this time of angst over a possible war in Iraq.
Perverse humour of animated Kevin Spencer launches fifth TV season Sunday (St. Catharine's) - Ottawa animator Greg Lawrence bristles at the suggestion his adult animation series Kevin Spencer, shown, is a rip-off of South Park. (The season premiere for that show was two days ago)
Kim And Ludacris Get Animated (TeenMusic) - Lil' Pimp is an animated movie set for an October release. The afro-haired Word of Mouf wordsmith Ludacris plays a foul-mouthed gerbil called Weathers whilst Kim plays a character called Sweet Chiffon. A host of other stars provide voices too, including Bernie Mac, William Shatner, Carmen Elektra and John C. McGinley. Anyone remember the gerbil Lemmiwinks?
South Park family values (The Stanford Daily) - A libertarian conservative finds an encouraging voice for fellow conservatives in South Park.
February 10
Boitano talks of future for skating (Daily Herald) - Brian talks about his time as a skater, and Matt and Trey's portrayal of him in SP:BLU. He does watch South Park.
And the questions are... (Rocky Mountain News) - Check out Question 13. :)
College is more than just classes (Advance-Titan) - Chef's advice comes in handy in this article: "There's a time and place for everything ... It's called college." It reminds students to take everything from this experience they can.
Hopper, Stone & Parker get awards at Santa Monica Fest ( - Dennis Hopper will receive a lifetime achievement award for persistence of vision at the upcoming Santa Monica Film Festival. The festiva (Feb 13-16), also plans to honour Matt Stone and Trey Parker with the maverick film-makers award for their oeuvre which includes South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut, BASEketball and Orgazmo.
Late night humor heavy on alcohol, short on guests (Portland State University Vanguard) - ABC has never been home to anything like the Jimmy Kinnel Show. It's like sending Mickey Mouse to baby-sit the cast of "South Park."
The rating game (The San Francisco Examiner) - An article about February sweeps on TV, but near the bottom is a That's My Bush! plug: The article's author, Sonia Mansfield, thinks Comedy Central should bring the show back - we need it now more than ever. I agree. But until then there's the Dubyathon next weekend, the transcripts, secrets, and guests you'll find here, and the info you'll find at That's My Bush.
February 16
Don't have a cow, man! (The Daily News) - Without the Simpsons, we wouldn't be watching South Park these days.
Where were you... when you first heard the song? ( - Alan Jackson thought the South Park spoof on him was in bad taste, given the song "Where Were You"'s content
College targets peer-to-peer sharing ( - All things in moderation...
Homestar Runner provides good clean fun (BYU NewsNet) - Apparently, clean humor is in. Not that South Park is in danger of falling out of favor, but if you need a change of pace, check Homestar Runner out.
AOL'S PUNCH LINE (NY Post Business) - Maybe AOL figured out what it would stand to lose if it sold its half of Comedy Central to Viacom. ;) :D
February 23
Pre-Awards Soirees Sound Good to Guests (New York Newsday) - At Clive Davis' iconic Grammy bash, musician, actor and radio jock Isaac Hayes riffed about another hat he wears. The white one.
"Doing the voice of the chef on 'South Park,' that's adding to my longevity," said the Moses of soul. "Now my fan base has expanded from 6 to 96."
Hayes said his biggest kicks come from meeting families familiar with both ends of his 35-year career spectrum.
"The kids come up to me and say, 'Wow, you da chef.' And their parents go, 'Wow, you da Shaft.' They're all mesmerized."
Aspen Comedy Festival: the first eight years (The Denver Post) - a breif mention of Matt and Trey's appearance at the Aspen Comedy Festival in 1998.
Video Reviews (The Courier-Gazette) - Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. Mike Judge plays the villain Donnegon Giggles, but the odd thing is... Mike Judge of "South Park" fame? Whatever happened to his other work, Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill? All he did for South Park was one line for Kenny in SP:BLU. :)
With hindsight, school's the time of your life (The Australian) - covers a show called Do Over, which ponders how a man would do thing differently as a teen if he could go 20 years back into his past. Part of the article's setup is a quote from Matt Stone in Bowling for Columbine: "It's the dorks who go on to do incredible things. All the cool guys end up living in town and working as insurance salesmen."
ACADEMY NERVOUS ABOUT EMINEM (UPI) - Oscar organizers reportedly are worried Eminem might misbehave at next month's Academy Awards ceremony. They had the same worry three years ago with SP:BLUs "Blame Canada," which Robin Williams cleaned up just a bit.
Newscasters give blanket coverage as the flakes fall (The Star-Ledger) - Channel 2's Joe Torres, reporting with a red parka hood drawn snug around his head, was needled by his colleagues, who told him he looked like Kenny from "South Park." Now I want a red parka, or even an orange one. :)
March 2
Brent Batten: The fun of boating is picking out the right boat name (Naples Daily News) - "Liberty" and "Victory" top this year's list of most popular boat names, according to the latest survey by Boat U.S., but there's a guy trying to sell a boat called "Mr. Hankey." No takers. And "Piece of Crappie" is the fourth least popular boat name.
The Lysistrata Project: Los Angeles (The Lysistrata Project) - Eliza Jane Schneider will perform a reading of Aristophanes' anti-war comedy, Lysistrata, at Q in Hollywood, 6201 Hollywood Blvd, at 8pm on March 3rd. (03/03/03). Hmmmm... A question on asked how Matt and Trey would deal with this stuff and other forms of anti-war protest.
It's enough to make you hurl (Toronto Star. Also in other Canadian papers) - An article about the pervasiveness of vomiting in movies and television. "It's a game to the kids on South Park." In a way, it is. They don't make any fuss about Stan vomiting. Cartman vomited at Tweek's house after a night of fun and too much coffee. But the games so far have included spit (the kids spit on Pip, Kenny and Kyle are forced to play Ooky Mouth in the hopes that Kenny would make Kyle sick with chickenpox), crap (anythng having to do with Mr. Hankey, Cartman proving he can crap out of his mouth), and semen (Red Rocket, although they just thought they were milking the dogs.). But speaking of Canada...
'MacHomer' usurps Tuscaloosa (Dateline Alabama) - Rick Miller, originally from Toronto, Canada, has been performing 'MacHomer' for some eight years now, but has added references to South Park over the years. He's touring Washington and Alaska this week, and California in the last week of April. But speaking of Canada...
Michigan politicians talk trash (National Post) - Forget softwood lumber, split-run magazines and agriculture subsidies. The hottest U.S.-Canada trade dispute of 2003 involves ... garbage. Beginning this year, Toronto has started trucking all of its residential trash to Michigan, where it is dumped in a landfill southeast of Detroit. In Michigan, local pols are using the issue to whip residents into a blame-Canada frenzy worthy of a South Park movie. You know, this is the third article involving Toronto. What the hell is wrong with those people? :D
Jackass: The Movie (Ananova) - What one critic says - Martyn Glanville, BBC: As brainless as the movie incarnations of both South Park and Beavis and Butt-head, "Jackass" is just as funny as both - and better than many of the so-called comedies Hollywood produces. As brainless as the movie incarnation of South Park? What the hell is wrong him? :D SP:BLU was a hell of a lot brainier than Jackass!
March 9
Do-it-yourself animation gets easier (The Louisville Scene) - The animation programs that make movies and TV cartoons are now available to the masses: Maya and Flash. But you probably knew that already, if you've wanted to make your own animations. South Park is made with Maya.
Critics Say Toy Is Tops ( - Aye, and SP:BLU made it up to #9. The top 100 here.
Working for the Yankee dollar (The Globe and Mail) - Blame America! That's the current Canadian attitude against the US. There's an old saying: Canadians are maliciously well-informed about the United States, while Americans are benignly ill-informed about Canada. And it's true, despite how much the two countries share.
PLAY IT AGAIN, BUSH (New York Post) - Timothy Bottoms to reprise his role as George Bush, but in a more serious setting - "DC 9/11," a new Showtime film about the days just after 9/11. George Takei, of Star Trek fame, to play Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta.
The anatomy of a cable hit (TV Week) - Direct quote: When a hit becomes a signature show, as Comedy's Central's "South Park" has become, a network stands to make even more money with brand extensions and merchandising opportunities. "South Park," for instance, has generated $500 million in merchandising revenues for the network since it launched six years ago. Gotta have tie-ins everywhere. :)
March 15
Lear joins 'South Park' family (The Hollywood Reporter) - More on Lear joining the staff as a junior writer, including this hint of an upcoming episode: "Cartman character travels back in time to meet the Founding Fathers and learns about the Declaration of Independence." South Park meets Schoolhouse Rock, sounds like. :) "I couldn't have had more fun," said Lear, who referred to himself as a "junior writer" for the season. "It was more like a party than a business transaction."
Toons may turn children into bigger monsters than ones on TV (The Irish Examiner) - Beware of toons with too much violence in them. The humorous cartoon violence of the characters a child watches can translate into nonhumorous abusive violence of the adult the child becomes. Of course, a lot of us who watched these cartoons as kids turned out fine. Now, where's that rabbit...?
Brakhage is remembered as the Jackson Pollock of cinema (The Kansas City Star) - Kansas City native Stan Brakhage, 70, died last Sunday of cancer. He had quite a good career, including two decades at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Trey and Matt had him as their teacher, and he appeared in Cannibal! The Musical as George Noon's (Dian Bachar) father (check out his windbreaker! :D). His filmography here. Stan is an homage to him.
Building on signature shows (USA Today) - An article about the danger of being a one-show network: not being able to produce another show as good as the show that made it famous, thus facing stereotyping and then loss of interest. South Park is Comedy Central's signature show, but what will take its place when it finally goes off the air? What new show will keep viewers coming back to Comedy Central? These questions can be asked of any network.
March 23
FAMILIAR TOUCHES (The Mercury News) - Being an SP character comes in handy. :) Sgt. 1st Class Dale Roberts, a wisecracking GI from the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, flashes a faux ``South Park'' bus pass from the animated comedy show.
"That's to fool the enemy in case I'm captured,'' said Roberts, 33, of Covington, La. "They'll think I'm Stan.''
Matt Groening Talks 'The Simpsons' Feature Film (Killer Movies) - Seen before in other sites, like the Calgary Sun. "We're talking about doing it." said Groening. "We just want to make sure, if we do, it doesn't follow in the dismal footsteps of other currently-running TV shows turned into movies. I can only think of one that worked and that was South Park."
Web site spawns animated TV series (North York Town Crier, Canada) - About Odd Job Jack, which began its life as a Web site, now it's a TV show. Matt and Trey might as well drop that MA rating for South Park because... "Odd Job Jack ... is not like a kiddie show like South Park." I mean, we're getting fans into the official chat room as young as ten years old. How could it possibly be MA anymore?
Watch It! Those Evil Aliens Will Latch Onto Anything. (New York Times) - Dreamcatcher is no match for South Park A reviewer's (A. O. SCOTT) comments: If this were an episode of "South Park," I would be all for it, since the phantasmogorical crudity would ultimately bend toward a satire of all that is pious, high-minded and therapeutic in our culture. But "Dreamcatcher," adapted from Stephen King's novel by William Goldman and Lawrence Kasdan, was directed and co-produced by Mr. Kasdan, a leading exponent of pious, high-minded and therapeutic cinema.
Mid-Michigan meets conflict with anxiety, fear and relief (Lansing State Journal) - One form of protest against the war: Across the cafeteria, four students chattered loudly as they watched "South Park" on another TV. They said they were exercising their freedom by choosing to watch the cartoon instead of the war. "We've decided to learn about it later instead of hearing about it from Bush," said Renee Trudeau, 19. They should talk to the guy in the first report. :)
It's a Lovely Day in an Adult Neighborhood (The New York Times) - An article about "Avenue Q.", a play at Vineyard Theater. Avenue Q. seems to be Sesame Street by way of South Park. :)
TV icon Norman Lear is goin' down to 'South Park' (USA Today) - An in-depth article on Norman Lear's involvement with South Park.
March 31
Adventure Racer: O, Pioneer (Competitor) - An article about the sport of adventure racing. Here you learn that South Park Elementary is based on West Jefferson Middle School, which Trey attended and where Mr. Lackey (Mr. Mackey on the show) was the school counselor.
A glam respite from images of war ( - Something of a press release, but part of an article about shows that take one's mind off the war in Iraq.
Also back on our screens in the Wednesday late-night, kids-safely-in-bed slot (well, parents can only hope) is animated Comedy Central series 'South Park' (M-Net, 10.30pm). While the moral minority are mostly incensed by the antics of, and endless stream of expletives uttered by, the foul-mouthed kids who, if the sound were to be turned out, would really look like something out of an innocent cartoon, you've got to admit that there's some pretty sharp scriptwriting here. You've just got to laugh, even when the jokes are at their sickest!
Leigh Robertson, the writer of this article, now gets goosebumps seeing the Twin Towers on pre 9/11 episodes of shows and movies.
Nothing To Fear ( - An interview with Eric Idle which mentions his role in SP:BLU. He recently released The Rutland Isles and is working on a "top secret" theatrical musical.
Sing a song of movie musicals (CNN, other sites) - Movie musicals are making a comeback. SP:BLU is mentioned among the musicals in recent years, and Chicago won Best Picture at this year's Oscars. Is the genre indeed back?
'Veggie Tales' soup it up with silly humor (Accent, Palm Beach Post) - Veggie Tales is ultra-sincere, South Park is ultra-cynical. (Note: if you know about "The Bunny Song," the original lyrics are still out there in cyberspace. :D)
No laughing matter (The Arizona Republic) - Lear comments on the sad state of TV comedy, citing two shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm and South Park, as shows that capture the moment when TV comedies make a comeback as a respite from the drumbeat of terror alerts and war. (see the second article above)
April 7
2003 Shaping Up as a Banner Year for BET (ABC 13 News, among other sites) It seems to be a good year indeed, but critics say BET has sold out. Still, it doesn't have a show like South Park to draw millions of viewers in, to define itself.
April 9
The Hollywood Reporter
Drawn to be Wild - covers the history of the show and its impact on televeision programming in its six years on the air. Excellent article.
Making a Killing - all about the merchandising of South Park. CC prefers to sell in specialy shops and by mail, so as to avoid the products getting too far afield, and CC deliberately keeps the plushes out of kid-friendly stores like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and other big chains
Dialogue: Matt Stone and Trey Parker - an interview with the duo covering how the show began, how they got involved with Norman Lear, and how they feel about the show right now. Things to know: they prefer hanging out with musicians instead of actors (they are frustrated rockers themslves - see DVDA), and for all we know, one day they may be 60 years old and still ask for another few years to make South Park. They'll probably be pretty crappy by then. :D
Demented Denizens - Contains characters sketches of many of the residents in South Park. Here are the ones the article mentions: Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, Shelly, Wendy, Butters, Token, Tweek, Timmy, Jimmy, Jimbo, Jesus, Mr. Mackey, Mr. Garrison, Ms. Choksondik, Mrs. Broflovski, Ms. Cartman, Mrs. Crabtree, Towelie, Officer Barbrady, Terrance and Phillip, Mr. Hankey, Chef
The Twisted 11 - These 11 episodes are the ones Trey and Matt chose as their favorites. Notice the number that come from the fifth season.
  1. Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
  2. Not Without My Anus
  3. Rainforst Schmainforest
  4. Jewbilee
  5. Timmy 2000
  6. Scott Tenorman Must Die
  7. Cripple Fight
  8. The Superbestfriends
  9. Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants
  10. Butters' Very Own Episode
  11. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
Noteworthy - All about music in South Park, covers mostly Chef, but mentions the three CDs made for the show and movie so far.
April 14
That Old Feeling: Apres-War Movies (Time Online) - Movies to check out once this Iraqi conflict is over. One of the movies mentioned is South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, down in the "SADDAM THE COMIC" section of the article, along with some of the lyrics of "I Can Change." You know, there's a back story here not covered in South Park: Saddam reveals he once fought Barbra Streisand, and considers her a bigger prick than himself.
'South Park' Drawn to Be Wild (Reuters UK) - Here is the complete article from the Hollywood Reporter, the main one out the six I listed below in the April 9 update. Great reading. Oh, and if you wanna read the Hollywood Reporter articles online, go down to the April 9 update. :)
'South Park' Hits 'Highs' When It Comes to Music (Reuters UK) - The "Noteworthy" article I mentioned below, the last of the six articles. Another good read.
Rebellious youth may be a dying breed ( - Boomers and their kids don't seem to suffer from generation gap. If you're looking for programs that speak for rebellious youth, says William Strauss, ignore so-called "nasty" shows like Fear Factor and South Park. They're made by Gen Xers or late-Boomers trying to target Millennial teens, not made by the youth themselves.
South Park's 100th Episode Brings Strong Ratings (Toon Zone Forums) - Quoted verbatim:
South Park celebrated its 100th episode with its highest ratings in more than a year.
South Park grabbed a 2.7 rating on April 9 with 3 million viewers. The animated show started its seventh season in March.
In other South Park news, the network will broadcast a special theme block called "When Technology Attacks," running from Tuesday, May 27 through Thursday, May 29 at 9:30 pm. In this South Park theme week everybody's favorite fourth graders get into high-tech hi-jinks. Watch as a genetic engineering experiment unleashes Stan's mutant twin, Cartman's Trapper Keeper threatens to destroy the world and a top secret government-sponsored, genetically engineered towel gets high.
Jefferson at South Park (Tech Central Station) - a follow-up on the South Park Republicans articles written by Stephen W. Stanton. Here he asks "What woule Jefferson do?" and turns to South Park for the answer. All about his take on last Wednesday's episode.
Program teaches students to recognize and analyze stereotypes in visual media (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - "on episodes of the Comedy Central cartoon show South Park, a black chef sometimes doles out graphic sexual information about women's bodies to children." This is one of many facets on the shows analyzed by students. Schools teach students to analyze books and other forms of literature, but not TV shows or movies until recently. Mostly about Teresa Foley and her media literacy workshops for teens.
Revived Lollapalooza May Be Remembered For Backstage Action (MTV news) - Perry Farrell is looking to spice up Lollapalooza. He and his team are working with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to come up with kooky ideas and funny trivia.
"It could be something like knowing the First Amendment to knowing something silly about South Park," he said. "I will tell you this, though. If you get a message that says slap the guy in front of you, that's not from us." Matt and Trey working on a show they once derided as Lalapalalapaza? Okay. LOL
Norman Lear Discovers Soul Mates in 'South Park' (The New York Times - Arts) - an in-depth article on the admiration Lear and the show's creators have for each other. Lear came up with the giant talking taco and the reality television theme during a three-day retreat for the show's writers in February in Scottsdale, Ariz.
"South Park" Centennial (E! Online) - a short retrospective on the life of the show from its beginnings as a project in Trey's basement in the early '90s to the 100th episode just aired.
April 21
Koreans Are Too Doggone Sensitive (American Daily) - Koreans of both the North and South could learn something from Canadians after being lampooned by Jay Leno. From Owen Rathbone, the article's author: "How the skit could contribute to a "backlash" against Korean Americans or Koreans is also difficult to imagine. Being a Canadian, the first thing that comes to my mind against this notion is the South Park Movie and its theme song "Blame Canada." The song mocks Canadians for having "beady little eyes" and "flappin' heads so full of lies." It then urges Americans to plan a "full assault" against their evil neighbor to the north, which is "not a real country anyway." Canadians were not offended when the movie came out-on the contrary, they were downright flattered for being mentioned. Rather than promoting a backlash against Canucks, South Park's offbeat humor promoted a great deal of goodwill between Americans and Canadians."
J.Lo Is On Southpark (Teen Hollywood) - an article mentioning Jennifer Lopez being spoofed in South Park.
This week in Broomfield (Broomfield News)
Silverheels program
The Broomfield Library Friends is hosting a program on Silverheels, a fabled dance hall girl from the South Park area of Colorado. Phyllis Woodward, director of tours at the Colorado State Capitol, will present the program April 22 in the multipurpose room at the Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library, 3 Community Park Road in Broomfield, at 7 p.m. Information: (303) 466-2189.
Fighting Ire With Ire (OC Weekly) - Matt and Trey, you getting this? "Even the usually fearless and brutally unsubtle creators of South Park have become so terrified of public response that they get through an entire episode about the war protests without ever once letting you know which side of the debate they're actually on." Maybe their being libertarian will answer that question? I don't reckn them being terrified of public response, but if the author chooses to think so, fine.
South Park: Libertarian TV (Front Page. Magazine) - An article that argues what make South Park stand out is its libertarian bent, not its willingness to push the envelope. The article mentions that A Libertarian candidate for California Governor even ripped off the show for a rather funny pro-drug legalization campaign commercial.
Triathlon: Hollywood Dreams in Sherborne 2003 (Runner's Web) - an article on Daniel Metcalfe, whose credits include That's My Bush. He will race the 2003 Gatorade Half IRONMAN UK Triathlon in August this year alongside his brother who will be competing in his first ever triathlon.
April 27
Brewster: Shakespeare and South Park (NC State Insiders) - If you think Shakespeare is stale, just imagine what people will be saying about South Park four centuries from now.
Leaf heads list of draft busts (MSNBC and The Sporting News) - Oooo, burrrnnn: Alberts ... was a guy who ... suffered more physical calamities than Kenny on "South Park."
Cusack has unique appeal ( - John Cusack wants to do a voice in South Park.
Hot Sounds: 'Isaac Hayes at Wattstax' ( - Before there was South Park for Isaac Hayes, there was Wattstax. Read more about it at the link.
Viacom Buying Rest of Comedy Central (KABC-TV, Channel 7) - Viacom owns half of Comedy Central and will purchase the other half from AOL-TW. Since Warner Bros. has been making the DVD releases for South Park, will they hand the duties over to Viacom now? Comedy Central president and CEO Larry Divney says, "Now we're not at the kiddie table. We can sit with the rest of the family."
Berkeley's bumbling robot aims 'to investigate the state of society' ( - Will Wright created a robot, Slats, to find out what the state of society is these days. In doing so, he programmed in all sorts of references, including some from South Park. He's so far found that women are more forgiving to the robot than men are.
'Italian Job' to Close Tribeca Fest (Zap2It) - The Tribeca Film Festival unveiled its line-up of panel discussions on film and entertainment issues. Among the highlights: "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone team with "Austin Powers" director Jay Roach and actor Nathan Lane to discuss the state of American comedy. The Tribeca Film Festival runs May 7 through 11; they discussion will be on May 10 at 6 PM.
What's So Funny? Laughter at the Movies (Tribeca Film Festival) - The actual ordering page for the panel discussion. As you can see, it's sold out. Not even a waiting list is available.
May 6
Reflections of an Outlaw Indian Lawyer - a blog belonging to Colville_Kid, a supporter of Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Sonny "Billy Bear" Landham. The article reviews last week's episode and relates it to current events in the Native American community. It even mentions William Bennett, whose own gambling problem was discovered over the weekend, but who, like Mr. Broflovski, said he had it under control, that the money he lost wasn't personal money. But Colville_Kid might want to remember that the white man gave blankets infected with smallpox to Native Americans a few centuries ago, just 13 years before the Colonies broke away from England, as discussed in this article sent to me by nobby.
May 13
Hollywood Analysis: Bringing up baby? (UPI) - "South Park" has featured youthful characters with post-adolescent attitude.
Now in London: I Was Jilted by a Lesbian Dwarf! (New York Times) - a review of "Jerry Springer — The Opera." Just as "South Park" is both vulgar and a comment on vulgarity, the opera embraces the Springer carnival of freaks even while sending it up.
Name That Caption ( - What Ben and Jen might say to Matt and Trey, according to some people:
"Look Matt, Trey, J-Lo would like to set the record straight. She likes neither tacos nor burritos. Go ahead, kiss her. See, they don't taste anything like tacos, do they? Yeah, more like peeled grapes, huh?"

Cartman, Lawrence

"No, we do not think that episode of South Park was especially funny."

Rich, Brockton

Crims at work, and we don't mean The Sopranos (f2 network) - Down Under, South Park pulled about 350,000 viewers a week during April.
Chomsky in a den of lions (Toronto Star) - An article about "Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without A Pause," a program that aired on May 8. On ad hominem attacks: "Chomsky's character has been assassinated more times than Kenny has died on South Park."
Proposal To Name Park After Barry White (NBC4) - Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, announced an effort Last Tuesday to rename South Park (a district south of Downtown Los Angeles) for singer Barry White, who is seriously ill and awaiting a kidney transplant. Though this has nothing to do with the show, it's interesting to note that Matt and Trey originally wanted Barry White to be Chef on the show. White wasn't available, so they went with Isaac Hayes. Also, Barry White's song, "Never Never Gonna Give You Up," plays in "Proper Condom Use."
May 29
Ned unmasked (The Sydney Morning Herald) - About Abe Forsythe, 21-year-old writer-director and star of Australian Ned Kelly spoof Ned, who is puzzled how anyone could be averse to a good old-fashioned fart joke. He praises South Park as "the best show the world's ever created":
"It's not that I find toilet humour funny. They'll do a fart joke and it's not funny, you don't laugh, but they keep pushing it and you get to the point where you've got to admire what they're doing. They just don't care, they're just throwing it all out there and that's what I really like."
June 4
Indian Gaming Is Estimated By California Officials To Be A $5 Billion (PokerMag) - This article about California Indian gaming mentions "Red Man's Greed." Seems Indian gaming is thriving in this recession, and a lot of people will lose their shirts trying to make a fast buck.
Bam! Pow! 'THWAK' punches up stage comedy (Alameda Times-Star) - In 'THWAK', perfomer Shane Dundas impersonates, among others, the boys of South Park.
Oh, Canada – it really is swell (San Diego Union-Tribune) - An answer to "Blame Canada."
June 13
The smart thing would be to skip `Dumb' (Kansas City Star) -
Back in 1998, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the men behind "South Park," were hired to make a sequel to the hit comedy "Dumb and Dumber." They soon lost interest in the project and backed out.
If only more people in Hollywood were like Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Alas, most people in Hollywood are like Troy Miller and Robert Brenner, the comedically clueless team behind "Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd."
Proving that they have less integrity than the people who created Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo, they accepted the $30 million offer offered by New Line Cinema.
Worse and worser (Guardian Unlimited) - "The producers of Dumb and Dumberer could extend the same courtesy to audiences as was shown to them by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, their original choice to make the film: within weeks of starting work, the pair had admitted defeat, resigned from the project, and given back the money." Which basically means audiences will watch anything. Witness Jackass and other films of its ilk.
Devils tailgaters show off their culinary skill, but Nets fans display plenty of spirit (The Star Ledger - Sports) - Mary DeKeles-Shriner had a remote-control Timmy of "South Park" fame deliver the rings to the altar on her wedding day. And that's just the beginning. Read the rest of the article. :)
Slain teen's sister testifies (The Daily Tribune) - Twenty-three-year-old Jeffrey Nye is charged with first-degree murder, felony murder and third-degree sexual assault in the July 2001 death of Jessica Seabold. A somewhat morbid observation: After Jessica's body was discovered, Nye gave police permission to enter his apartment and take the clothes he wore to the party. Despite huge amounts of blood at the scene, Nye's South Park T-shirt and khaki pants were unmarked, defense attorneys said, using that as a basis for innocence.
Big Brother, Day 17: 8pm - 9pm (Digital Spy, UK) - 8.33pm: Ray talks about South Park ... but comments that 'they're running a bit thin.'
Trio tracks uncensored laughs (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) - About "Uncensored Comedy," a 90-minute look at who draws the line between funny and truly offensive, who steps over the line and how the line itself refuses to stay put. South Park is featured in this special, and you have one more time to catch it, at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 14 on Trio.
If race is the most explosive area for humor, religion isn't far behind. Even "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone say they're surprised that Comedy Central has allowed them to make Jesus a recurring character on their rude, crude and often hilarious cartoon.
One reason may be that the Christian savior is depicted as, well, a heck of a nice guy. Another, undoubtedly, is that the show's grade-school setting softens the sting. Parker calls Cartman, the series' most bigoted character, "an 8-year-old who's Archie Bunker."
Brave past, timid present in TV political comedy (U TV) - Only cable network Comedy Central offers social commentary. "South Park" shoehorns occasional cultural insights amid its gross-out gags. "Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn" reprises Maher's show, with Quinn japing with comedian pals, usually devolving to good-natured ethnic slurs. Other shows are mentioned.
June 30
Sex clubs: symptoms of deeper trouble (The Dispatch) - an article about decadence in South Valley, wherever that is, but with the following cautionary message:
Parents - take a close look at the music your children are listening to, the movies and television shows they are watching, the Web sites they’re visiting on the Internet and the books, magazines and e-mail messages they’re reading. Look at the clothes they’re wearing - they’re communicating with you with these choices.
It’s not uncommon to hear stories of second-graders listening to Eminem and watching South Park. How can their parents justify allowing young, impressionable minds access to such patently inappropriate material?
Children crave structure, guidelines and involved parents. Parents who throw up their hands with an exasperated “But all their friends are doing it,” are abdicating their responsibility and damaging society’s future.
Starting small - 18-year-old Bellevue resident's work is already turning heads (King County Journal) - Props to Zuzu for showing me this. :) Eighteen-year-old Nick Giersdorf made a short film in April and May called "Small Change." He had help from lots of people, inluding Trey:
Giersdorf landed the co-creator of "South Park" to play the leading character's best friend, Bill, in "Small Change."
Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation: Full Frontal (DVD Talk) - Spike and Mike release their first Sick And Twisted DVD. Matt and Trey are mentioned in this article, but nothing from them is on this DVD. Contractual problem? I dunno, but not worth getting if you wanted to see the two SP shorts that were featured in the festival and that led to South Park on TV.
Hayes to get lifetime achievement award (RTE Interactive) - Verbatim...
Isaac Hayes is to be presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Diesel U Music Awards in London next week. The legendary soul singer is being honoured for his inspiration to the music world. Hayes has been involved with Memphis' Stax Records throughout his career, releasing music ranging from soul to disco and funk. His most famous release was 1971's hit single 'Theme From Shaft'.
Hayes also had a number one in 1998 with 'Chocolate Salty Balls' from the 'South Park' cartoon.
He will perform at the Diesel U Music Awards next Thursday, July 3, alongside Electric Soft Parade and Coldcut.
July 9
Disgust at 'Red Hot Catholic Love' (The Star) - A South African Catholic family protests M-Net's presentation of 'Red Hot Catholic Love.' Does South Park air regularly on M-Net? What's this family's take on other episodes of South Park, specifically "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" and "Probably"?
Whoa! Canada! (The Washington Post) - This says it all: Legal Marijuana. Gay Marriage. Peace. What the Heck's Going On Up North, Eh? Something to think about next time you sing "Blame Canada." And what are we Americans, who feature gay couples prominently in TV shows but don't allow gay marriage? Who feature marijuana in various comedy movies but still have it illegal. Even people with legalized medical marijuana still get it taken away from them. And peace? "Berkeley North."
Team America ( - The first fan site on the yet-to-be-made movie. Time for a new entry in Treats and in the Directory. :)
July 16
The truth about sea-monkeys (USA Today) - Read about sea monkeys - their anatomy, their eating habits, their sex lives, diseases, and deaths.
Garbage Pail Kids set to return (AP) - This article is here only because these dolls are becoming popular once again, and it seems to be big news. :)
Voice of "South Park" Brings Freedom of Speech to NY Fringe Festival (Playbill) - Wanna catch Eliza J. Schneider away from the show? You can catch her at New York's International Fringe Festival next month performing her solo play, Freedom of Speech Auguest 8 to 24, a performance every four days. Read the arcticle for more info.
HAVE YOU HEARD? (The Buffalo News) - VH-1 will roll out its list of 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons at 9 p.m. July 21 through 25. Cartman is slated to be in it.
July 22
Unique Voices ( - discusses the voice work done by a few actors. The section on Robb Webb mentions his work on South Park, but not what voice he provided.
Viva La Revolucion (Animation World Magazine) - A review of "Makin' Toons," by Allan Neuwirth. What would a book about toons be without mentioning South Park, the Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, and other new cartoons from the last decade?
Cussing may be losing its edge in society ( - One group in society determines which words are taboo, the rest of society uses those words ad nauseam to break the taboo. Now, that breakage is at hand, and the words are losing their edge. Now what? :D
Take the immensely popular television cartoon "South Park," for example, a show filled with characters so cute they're inevitable magnets for small children. Yet it's an adult's show and these same characters are among the most filthy minded and foul-mouthed you'll find anywhere. Kenny may not have much to say. But the others do, and it's usually pretty lewd-lipped.
July 17 - REUNION OF THE SNAKE (dotmusic) - Verbatim...
Duran Duran's first US appearance in almost 20 years attracted an impressive roll-call of popular culture figures this week in Los Angeles.
Beck, Nicolas Cage, Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale, and 'South Park' co-creator Trey Parker were amongst the sell-out 450 crowd at the band's show at the Roxy nightclub.
August 5
Offbeat Fringe Festival to feature striptease, rock 'n' roll ( - New York International Fringe Festival features 204 shows, all to play from this Friday through Aug. 24 at 20 downtown theaters in New York City. Eliza Schneider will be one of the participating artists.
ON A NOBLE QUEST (The Mercury Herald) - new Giants pitcher Sidney Ponson has reminded an ex-girlfriend of Eric Cartman. He loves the show, too.
GETTING 'GIGLI' WITH IT (New York Post Online) - Luke Thompson, a critic at the alternative weekly chain New Times, added that "a recent episode of 'South Park' suggested that a fourth-grader's hand puppet could turn in a better performance than Ms. Lopez, and in the case of 'Gigli,' it's hard to argue." Taco taco, burrito burrito! :D
August 18
Primus exerts ‘Animal’ magnetism (The Herald-Dispatch) - You wanna know what Primus is up to these days? Read on.
Primus is unleashing "Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People," a DVD/CD set due Oct. 7 on Interscope. Back from a four-year hiatus, the aggressively weird prog-pop trio that created the wacky "South Park" theme recently recorded five new songs for the "Animals" CD: "Pilcher’s Squad," "Mary the Ice Cube," "The Last Superpower aka Rapscallion," "My Friend Fats" and "The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride."
August 28
Homeschooling option on the rise (Saugus Advertiser) - Homeschooling isn't quite what South Park made it out to be in "Hooked On Monkey Fonics." The kids in them are not as socially awkward as Rebecca was. Only problem is, the last name is Cotswolds - they missed that final S. Spelling error! Bah!
Why is everyone picking on China? (The Globe and Mail) - If you're looking for someone to blame for our economic problems, don't "Blame Canada." Blame China.
Love, Faith and Dry Ice: The Afterlife on Screen (The New York Times) - South Park's take on heaven is in a class by itself. The last paragraph is quoted verbatim:
SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT (1999, Trey Parker and Matt Stone) Heaven: Big-breasted angels. Hell: The vast majority of earth's former denizens. Fire, volcanos, torture. The exquisitely sensitive Satan, in bed with a brutish but libidinous Saddam Hussein who says, along with many unprintable things, "I love when you get all Biblical, Satan." Final judgement: Comic heaven.
Nowt so queer (Guardian Unlimited) - Yes, there is gay behavior among animals. All we need now is for a real Big Gay Al to appear and take them all in. :) Free For All
Greeley native’s cartoon airs on Showtime (Greeley Tribune) - Proof positive that South Park isn't as adult as it pretends to be: [Free For All]’s been called an adult “Simpsons” or “South Park” without the swear words bleeped out.
Waitwaitwait, an adult South Park?? Isn't South Park adult enough?? Maybe if it were on Showtime...
Free For All airs on Showtime and it's about what could be the most dysfunctionally bizarre "family" in history. "Bloom County" seems to have influenced the appearance of some of the characters. Brett Merhar, the cartoon's creator, now faces the same problem Matt and Trey did with South Park: “Kids sometimes are attracted to it because it’s a cartoon,” the 33-year-old Merhar said. “I regret that. It’s not meant for kids.”
September 6
Derek McGinty Comes Home to a Hot Spot (The Washington Post) - Anyone heard of radio voice Derek McGinty? If so, you may be interested to know that he thinks that "South Park" is one of television's best shows.
Newspapers substitute 'Doonesbury' strip (On Wisconsin) - Check your newspaper tomorrow to see if the Doonesbury and Boondocks comic strips are tamer than they're supposed to be. It may be a "South Park" world, but newspaprs still get queasy about certain content.
Triumph of a Bush (Guerilla News Network) - Something else for tomorrow: watch Timothy Bottoms go from lampooning the President, which he did in "That's My Bush" two years ago, to pretty much glorifying him in DC 9/11: TIME OF CRISIS. Can you say "spin control"?
Sudbury’s Chilly Beach arrives on TV screens (The Sudbury Star) - Is this really going to be the next "South Park"? It's been on the Internet since 1998, but I don't recall hearing anything about it till today. CBC is going to start airing it at 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays, and 26 episodes have been ordered.
October 2
Crime Report (The Des Moines Register) - A 12-year-old boy was caught stealing a "South Park" videotape. Urbandale Public Library staff did not file charges, but reported they banned him from the library.
October 26
Funny ads veil political attacks (Press of Atlantic City) - South Park animation techniques are being used in New Jersey political ads.
The case of the Trojan Wookiee (ZDNet UK) - Aaron Caffrey walked free from Southwark Crown Court last week after being cleared of launching a DDoS attack on one of the busiest ports on the United States. Since such attacks affect Windows machines, a Chewbacca Defense for Windows is hereby quoted verbatim:
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Microsoft Windows. It is the most popular operating system in the world. But Windows is full of security holes, cannot be trusted, and costs lots of money. This does not make sense.
Why would a leaky and bloated operating system be used on virtually every desktop in the world? There are alternatives, such as the Mac OS or Linux, which are far more secure and hardly ever get attacked by viruses; but they are only used by a relatively small number of people, most of whom have the technical ability to adequately protect them, if they chose to run Windows. Why is this? It does not make sense.
But we have to ask ourselves what has this got to do with the case? Nothing! Ladies and Gentlemen of this supposed jury, it has nothing to do with this case. Look at me, I'm a lawyer, talking about a port in America that was supposedly attacked by a British teenager who wanted to get his own back on someone that insulted his American girlfriend (whom he has never met) in a South African chatroom. None of this makes any sense.
Grudge match: Spider-Man vs. Cartman (Knox News) - Go vote! See who will win in this grudge match! Spider-Man is approaching 500 issues! Trey managed to say something on the matter: "Spider-Man could kick Cartman's ass," says Parker.
South Park über alles! South Park proves its mettle against two current movies: Radio and Scary Movie 3. Read on:
'Radio': Milking Human Kindness (Washington Post) - Radio leaves one with the sinking feeling that the caustic cartoon South Park, with its adolescent gibes at the kid in the wheelchair, does better social analysis than Hollywood at its most painfully sincere. South Park is at least honest about the discomfort that people with disabilities may cause the morally undeveloped (children and bigots). Films such as Radio invite us to feel good for not thinking and behaving like an 8-year-old.
'Scary 3' falls short in ha-ha and aaahh! (San Francisco Chronicle) - When the makers of "South Park" can riff off world events two weeks after they happen ... how is a scene spoofing the 2001 movie "The Others" supposed to compete?
... and against one video release, Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights (DVDTalk) - "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" may have been cruder, but it was also much more clever and actually delivered jokes with exceptional timing.
... and it may have even kept the Indian Jones Trilogy from being tinkered with, as last year's "Free Hat" really hit home to Lucas, Spielberg, and the Indiana Jones fans. See if you can tell which parts of my transcript for "Free Hat" Jim Hill copied and changed. Throw this site some credit hmyah.
Back to the Chef (GoMemphis Food and Dining) - Isaac Hayes had to overhaul his wait staff at The Isaac Hayes Nightclub & Restaurant. At the grand reopening he said a few things about his role in South Park:
About "Chocolate Salty Balls", which toppled the Spice Girls off the #1 spot in the UK: I had a lot of trepidation when I first heard the song. I wasn't going to do it, but I looked out of the studio and saw all the technicians in the control room cracking up, (and I decided) I should. And it was huge.
About kids waiting for him to sign stuff at a video store: They had Chef dolls!
About a new Chef album: I told Matt and Trey it's time for Chef to do another recording. We're going to call it Chef-Hop. Isaac Hayes might not do hip-hop, but Chef can.
About Chef: He can get away with murder. He can say what he wants to say. He can hit on the women and the women don't get insulted, because he says what's on his mind. And women like a man to be up-front and honest.
Emerging from underground (North Coast Weekly) - Matt and Trey are art collector now. :) They're collecting works from an art movement called "Lowbrow Aesthetics."
November 3
Fairy dust in TV-land (Washington Blade) - A new, all-gay ‘South Park’ episode makes you wonder what TV-land would be like if everyone on the air was queer. Read on.
November 9
Winning the Culture War (Front Page Magazine) - Sometimes it takes a week for an article to make it to a search engine. Anyway, this one is very long and it has a big section on the conservative leanings of South Park, a show conservatives have often attacked for its exuberant vulgarity, calling it “twisted,” “vile trash,” and a “threat to our youth.” This one is worth quoting elsewhere, but not on the front page.
November 13
Norman Lear, Hoping Youth Will Tune In to Vote (Washington Post) - Declare Yourself will distribute to 1 million high schools a cool-to-vote video starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, with cartoon animation by those satirical wizards Trey Parker and Matt Stone of "South Park."
This should be fun to see. :)
Cantastic (New York Post) - Donating canned foods is a Thanksgiving tradition, and since 1993, a local architect's organization has taken it to the next level. The Society of Design Administration's Canstruction show features 36 elaborate sculptures made of 96,000 cans of food. For this year's contest, one design firm made an 8-foot-tall Kenny (from "South Park") with cans of corn, cranberry sauce, yams, tomatoes and coffee.
Southern Business: Subway pitchman Jared lost pounds, then anonymity (Herald-Tribune and elsewhere) - An update on Jared Fogle, who was spoofed in "Jared Has AIDS."
A surprising jog to the right (U.S. News) - New paradigm. The showpiece of antiliberal humor is one that appalls a good many conservatives: South Park, Comedy Central's wildly popular cartoon saga of four crude and incredibly foul-mouthed little boys. The show mocks mindless lefty celebrities and takes swipes at the gay lobby and the abortion lobby. Some examples: Getting Gay With Kids is a homosexual choir that descends on the school. And the mother of one South Parker decides she wants to abort him ("It's my body"), despite the fact that he's 8 years old. The weekly disclaimer on the show says it is so offensive "it should not be viewed by anyone." This is a new paradigm in pop culture: Conventional liberalism is the old, rigid establishment. The antiliberals are brash, funny, and cool. Who would have thought?
Actually, there was nothing homosexual about the Getting Gay With Kids choir. People just think that being in a choir, even a kids one, is gay.
NEW METALLICA 'TOON (dotmusic) - Metallica has been parodied in South Park, but I don't think it was back in 2000, like the article states, but just two weeks ago. Anywho, read about the new Disney cartoon they'll be in next year, Dave The Barbarian.
The Real State of the Union, A to Z, part I and II (The Sierra Times) - A few questions:
H. ...the number one children’s cartoon to continue to be South Park...
When, and how, did South Park become the #1 children's cartoon when it isn't geared to them? What are Matt and Trey doing wrong?
Comedy Central Comes Up With Plan (Film Stew) - First Comedy Central's South Park takes on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Fab 5, now the comedy network is doing a three-episode special series satirizing the Bravo hit. Called Straight Plan for the Gay Man, the show turn the tables and send a squad of straight men, known as the "Flab Four," to help gay men fulfill their heterosexual fantasies, like becoming a basketball player or a ladies' man.
November 24
This is city life? (Denver Post) - Five rural counties fear losing funds as feds expand 'metro' designations. The interesting thing here is law enforcement's response to a domestic violence call in the county South Park is found in:
If law enforcement responds to a domestic-violence call in Park County, they don't come with drawn guns. Instead, they are likely to ask, "Hey, guys - so, what is going on?"
Dear Delilah, Writes Matthew McConaughey ( - Paramount Pictures has hired writers Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle, who have worked together on South Park, to pen Dear Delilah, a romantic comedy vehicle for Matthew McConaughey.
I had no idea that there were more writers on the show than are listed in the end credits.
New Thunderbirds Trailer Online! ( - With this film coming out next August, Matt and Trey may well drop their own Team America project. Or not. These Thuderbirds are live-action.
Dodgeball ( - South Park tackled the issue back in 1998, now comes Dodgeball: The Movie
TIM'S TV LIST: 39 reasons not to kill the tube (San Francisco Chronicle) - 19. "South Park." Comedy Central. Little cartoon cut-out kids swearing. Cartman alone has made life easier. This show proves we live in a great country.
Man Blamed for the 'Metrosexual' Says 'Sorry' - and Outs Himself As 'Lesbosexual' (Yahoo) - Meet the man who coined the phrase, Mark Simpson:
"I had no idea what I was starting," he said, speaking exclusively from his home in London, England. "If I'd known that metrosexuals would take over the world and make everyone wear fake tan and use glutinous hair care products I would have written about baseball instead."
Here's the Salon article (July 22, 2002) on which he mentions "metrosexual" for the first time on US soil. He's used it since 1994, though.
TIM'S TV LIST: And now for a little laughter (San Francisco Chronicle) - 10. "South Park." Comedy Central. It's terrible to be the best show on the planet for such a short, short time. Once the hype and controversy and uniqueness faded, something happened. "South Park" didn't die. It remained clever, vital, even. It got more prickly and dangerous, and even though it's still considered yesterday's "it show," this thing is damn funny more often than not.
Still, he rates The Simpsons as #1: "the greatest television series ever made."
How Does Adult Animation Rate? (Animation World Network) - Joe Strike takes a look at adult animation to see if it holds up to all the hype.
Beyond Gomorrah: America's Culture (Tbe Sieraa Times) - More from Anthony C. LoBaido, who seems to think the world will collapse unless we take Jesus' name absolutely seriously. Puh-leaze. This article has four more citations from South Park.
December 1
Questionnaire: Isaac Hayes (Exclaim) - a new CD coming out in a few months under the Virgin label. Also, Hayes is a member of the royal family in Ghana.
Top 10 Films after a night on the piss (Oxford Student) - #5. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut: A film with fewer inhibitions than the drunkest of men. You'll laugh till you cry. Your best mate will become an Uncle Fucker.
December 15
New `South Park' goes brief on talk (The Beacon Journal) - A review of South Park: Season 3. Things to learn: Matt and Trey didn't really like season 2, but they do like season 3. Also, they were turned off making commentaries after WB responded negatively to their comments about Jodie Foster and director Bob Zemeckis.
Animated discourse (Sunspot OpEd) - Various aspects of South Park are covered here, including its right-wing libertarianism.
CAMPAIGN TRAIL MIX (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) - Democratic presidential hopeful Carol Moseley Braun says she was trying to speak the language of her high school audience Thursday when she referred to the cartoon "South Park" that follows the travails of foul-mouthed, wisecracking children. Prompting a round of laughter from the packed auditorium of teenagers, Braun said, "Even if your mother is Cartman's mom, you ought to be able to go and get a quality education." Eric Cartman, one of the cartoon's characters, lives with a woman who appears to be his mother, but actually is his father and is known around town as a promiscuous drug user
Complaints body OKs South Park's "Red Hot Catholic Love" (Catholic News) - Yep, you South Africans will get to see this on your televisions, now that it's been reviewed and OK'd for viewer consumption there. :)
How South Park Can Save America (More from LoBaido) - lmao. Anywho, to correct this fellow on a few things:
  1. "The creators of South Park never debase Allah and Moses" - He apparently forgot that Moses is now an MCP from Tron, and that Allah doesn't even come into consideration. Muhammad, on the other hand, can shoot fire from his palms. Follow the show more closely, sir.
  2. "President Bush Jr. told the South Park types not to produce a show called That’s My Bush featuring his twin daughters as lesbians. And the South Park types backed off." - no, they simply kept his daughters off the show. Eight episodes were made, but they had to return to making South Park. The show could easily have been made about Al Gore, man, if that man had become President.
  3. "Children do watch the show." - That's their own damned fault. And, as you said, their parents.' The show STILL isn't made for them.
December 21
GET THE 'MAN' OUT OF MANICURE (New York Post) - The backlash against metrosexuals has begun!
Peter Jackson Interview: Wrapping up Lord of the Rings ( -
Did you ever see the South Park they did on Lord of the Rings?
Peter Jackson: Yeah, I did. I thought it was hilariously funny. It’s fantastic.
December 29
Paycheck Premiere (About) - Fred Topel interviews Ben Affleck and John Woo. Here's what he asked Ben:

Did you see the South Park episode with you and Jen?
I did see that. It was very funny. I liked it. It was great.

You’ve been on South Park twice now.
I know, I feel like it’s an honor, undeserved honor.

Robert Feder (Chicago Sun-Times) - Syndicated (and cleaned up) reruns of Comedy Central's "South Park" have been acquired for late-night airing by WCIU-Channel 26, starting in 2005.
Young and swinging to the Right (The Courier-Mail, Australia) - More on South Park Republicans.