South Park References In Other Shows And Movies

Where have you seen South Park references? TV shows or movies only. If a TV show, what episode (title and number)? If a movie, what part? Below is what I have so far.

The Simpsons

Screaming Yellow Honkers (February 21, 1999)

Homer gets teased by his coworkers after buying a "womanly" kind of car. He responds by saying "Screw you guys, I'm going home" very Cartman-esque.

The Bart of War (April 18, 2003)

[Bart and Milhouse watching South Park. The South Park characters are drawn in Simpsons style.]
Milhouse: "I hear those kids' voices are done by grownups"
Bart: "Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. I just wonder how they keep it so fresh after 43 episodes."
[Next scene: the SP boys are at the South Park Forum.]
The boys at a concert
Stan: "I can't believe we paid to see a band with Steve Gutenberg, Calista Flockhart, and Farty the Crippled Robot!"
Farty: [on stage, playing a guitar] "look who's in my fart. O.J." [Farty farts and O.J. appears in the brown cloud.]
O.J.: "I'm gonna kill you all." [destroys Farty, then goes after the band, cutting their heads off.]
Bart and Milhouse: [dance around] "Cartoon Violence! Cartoon Violence!"
O.J.: [has Cartman's dripping head on his knife] "Now I'm going to find the real killer."
[Marge comes in and turns off the TV.]
Bart and Milhouse: [startled] "AAAAAAAA!!!"
Marge: "Kids, that cartoon is not life-affirming. We're going to watch a show about the everyday problems of angels."
[She turns on the TV and changes the channel to PAX TV.]
Announcer: "Now, back to "Good Heavens."
Elderly Woman: "Jesus called today."
Elderly Man: "He did??"
Bart and Milhouse: [run out of the house screaming, with their hands on their ears] AAAAAAAA!!!

O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (December 13, 2009)

Bart: [dressed as Stan] "My dad is such a jerk. I want a baby brother and he said no."
Nelson: [dressed as Cartman] "Maybe you could trick your parents into making a baby, the way my mom nearly tricked Charles Barkley."
Bart: "Trick 'em. I like it. But how?"
Ralph: [dressed as Kenny, mumbles]
Bart: "A romantic dinner? That's a great idea. [the Springfield school bus pulls up and bumps Ralph off]
Otto: "Oh my God, I killed Kenny!"
Milhouse: [dressed as Kyle] "Ralph."
Otto: "No, I killed Kenny yesterday. What did I do now?"

Treehouse of Horror XXV, "The Others" (Octoberr 19, 2014)

Lisa: "I just had a worrisome thought: If there can be two incarnations of the Simpsons, why couldn't some evil marketing entity produce millions of others?"

What follows are a bunch of other incarnations, including the CGI Simpsons, anime Simpsons, Adventure Time Simpsons, the Simpson Minions, some others,... and the South Park Simpsons.

Mad TV: South Parknuts (1997)

In the first season of South Park, Mad TV made a spoof combining both South Park and Peanuts and called it "South Park Nuts." It's a twisted Peanuts-type story, rendering Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and others in South Park format. You can view it here. Transcript below provided by SweetPinkBubbles

[A snowy curb, day. Mad TV Logo appears for a brief moment, South Parknuts comes up, then fades. Two characters walk on, resembling Pig-Pen and Charlie Brown, but in South Park form. Pig-Pen has huge moving dirt columns around him]
Pig-Pen: Charlie Frown, you're a blockhead.
Charlie Frown: [peeved] Yeah, well you're a filthy fuck.
Pig-Pen: I am not!
Charlie: Oh yeah? You're such a filthy fuck that when you walk down the street, people say, "Damn. That kid's a filthy fuck!" [Pig-Pen looks discouraged and walks off, a girl's voice is heard]
Girl: [off screen] Hey, Charlie Frown! [his smile fades. She is shown and looks and sounds remarkably like Lucy. She is holding a very wimpy looking football.] I've got an idea. Why don't I hold this football, and you run up and kick it?
Charlie: You're just going to pull it away, and I'm going to fall on my ass.
Lucy: I promise I won't pull it away this time.
Charlie: O-kay. [begins to walk offscreen, grunts, and runs. When he hits the football, it explodes, knocking him on his back.] That wasn't a football, it was dog shit! [rises]
Lucy: Ha Ha Ha! [shot cuts to the pile of crap] Whoa, dude! That piece of dog shit looks like the profile of Golden Globe-winning actress, Linda Blair! [scene cuts back to the kids] It's a sign from God. [Charlie moves off a bit and Lucy twirls around in circles. Charlie looks back, pissed] I'm the new messiah!
Charlie: Good Grief. What a sick bitch.

[A boy's house, later. Lucy leans on a toy-piano, on which a character like Schroder plays Für Elise]
Lucy: Schloder, did you know that God has selected me to lead all of South Parknuts to the gates of Heaven? [a beagle walks up and checks her out, then a close-up of Lucy as she preens for Schloder. Schloder doesn't look up from his playing] You can be my acolyte. Worship me, and build me a temple. Hmmm? [the beagle is now humping the girl with gusto]
Schloder: [dismissively] Please...
Lucy: [closeup, still preening] Don't you wanna worship me? You're not Jewish, like Charlie Frown, are you?
Schloder: That's right.
Lucy: [jumps at Schloder, knocking him out of frame.] Screw you, Buttmunch! [this just turns the beagle on more, and he humps harder. She turns and kicks him off] Get off! [looks down and screams] Ewww! Aaagh!! [throws her arms up again and runs around beside the piano.] Germs! I've been humped by a dog!! BLAAAGH! [Schloder and the beagle remain offscreen]

[The classroom, day. Charlie stands in front of a blackboard, before his classmates.]
Teacher: Waa waa waa waa wawaaa!
Charlie: Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation. A..U..T..O..E..R..U- [the children begin to laugh, Charlie looks embarrased.]
Teacher: Waa Mwa Mwa Wa Mwa!
Charlie: [close-up] I am not a blockhead. I'm small-bodied. [a crash is heard. Lucy and two other girls (Marcie and Peppermint Patty types) rush in and push Charlie aside. They're dressed in black and white home-made uniforms with Star Trek patches over the left breasts of the uniforms.]
Lucy: Attention! Attention! I, your God, command you to attend the World Revelation Convocation after school. Dress will be casual.

[Outside, after school. Charlie walks home with another boy]
Charlie: What's up with your sister, dude? [they stop] Now she's saying she's God! [the boy says something, but as he's sucking his thumb, it's unintelligible.] You're right! She's a bad-ass. [they resume their walk]

[Outside, later. Kids are gathered under a tent next to Lucy's religion booth. "GOD'S WORD" is posted on the booth's header. Charlie and Slinus walk up.]
Lucy: It's time to get gone, people! [Marcie and Patty set a bowl of punch before the booth] Here is the great punch which will take us to the promised land!
Marcie: [reaches towards a tin can] Here you go, Messiah. [drops several cyanide pills in]
Lucy: [grabs the can, shaking the pills inside] Ahh, the sound of cyanide! The sound of cold, hard, poison! A whiff of bitter almonds! Mm-MM! I LOVE it! [dumps the pills into the punch, which begins tu bubble. A black boy dips a wooden spoon into the punch and begins to stir it.]
Chef: This punch is strong, children. It's got a kick, just like sweet love. [pulls out the spoon, only to find the serving end eaten away by the poisoned punch.]
Charlie: This is fucked up! They're going to kill themselves. We've got to do something. [Slinus walks forward and stops between Lucy's advocates. Patty takes his blanket. He turns to get it back, but Marcie chops his head off with a chainsaw. Charlie, now offscreen, says] They Killed [onscreen] Slinus! You Bastards! [moves towards the other kids, but then stops] ARRRRGH! [Patty grins at him evilly. Rats converge on Slinus' head and start nibbling at it.] Rats.
Marcie: What are you gonna do about it, Charlie Frown? You're nothing but a blockhead.
Charlie: I am not a blockhead! I have a festively large cranium.
Lucy: [singing somewhat the tune of "Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch"]

Charlie is a blockhead, he's a big blockhead,
a big blockhead, [the other kids begin to clap] the biggest blockhead in the whole wide world.
On Monday, Tuesday, he's a blockhead,
On Wednesday through Saturday, he's a blockhead.
Charlie Frown is a BI-IG BLOCK-HEAAD!!
[The other kids being to laugh at him, and Charlie is embarassed and angry. A plane is soon heard coming in and the kids look up and scream. The beagle swoops in on his doghouse and fires at the kids with his Gatling gun. The kids are all killed - all but one. Woodstock takes Sally's eyes one by one and swallows them. More rats pour onto the corpses and nibble on them. The beagle jumps from his doghouse and makes his way to Charlie.]
Charlie: Well, I guess it's just us, now, Sloopy. Me and man's best friend. [smiles at Sloopy, who smiles back evilly. Sloopy growls and rips Charlie's head off, stands on top of him, and turns into a Mr. Hankey-type body shape and eyes.]
Sloopy: [waves his paw around] HOOOOWWWWDY-HOOOOO!!

[End of South Parknuts]

The Sopranos: Down Neck (February 21, 1999)

[Tony's son, Anthony Jr., is in the school councelor's office getting tested for ADD/]
Counselor: What do you think is going on in this one, anthony?
Anthony Jr.: I don't know. How many more of these are left?
C: The quicker you answer, the faster we'll be done. Whatever pops into your mind.
AJ: 'Cause there's no guy?
C: Okay. Good, where do you think he is?
AJ: Out buying food for the horse?
C: Anything else?
AJ: Watching TV, maybe. Maybe he's watching "South Park". Number One is supposed to be on tonight. The one where Cartman gets abducted by aliens, and they give him an anal probe and makes him fart fire.

Arthur: The Contest (September 27, 1999)

[The kids had to write a story to enter into a contest in which the winner got to be turned into a T.V show. After they watch the commercial for the contest, they ask each other about it]
Alan: What story did you write, Buster?
Buster: Well, like they said, it's a story about us. [His friends clamor around him wanting to know more. He picks up his story and begins reading it.] It's called "The Day The Earth Was Saved"
[dissolve to the next scene. Buster and friends are now in a clearing and Buster calls out to something in the sky.]
Buster: Hello! Hello up there! [no response] HEY! I'M TALKIN' TO YOU!
Alan: You're not waiting for aliens again?
Buster: They've gotta come sometime.
Francine: I'm ouuta here! [the other two friends run away with her]
Arthur: Yeah, let's go. [at that moment, a spaceship draws near]
Buster: Arthur! Hey look, they're here! I told you! Hey aliens! [the flying saucer swoops down on him] Over here! [to his friends] They're here! Hurry! [The saucer flattens him] Oh! [Francine and the others return]
Francine: Hey! You squished Buster! Hey, come out! [two aliens come out of the saucer, float over, abduct Arthur, and go back into the saucer]
Buster: Hey! Let go! [Next scene has Arthur served up as a dish. He wakes up to find himself in the flying saucer with the two aliens about to eat him. One of them has an instrument in hisi left hand] Hey! You're not gonna eat me! [the alien presses the button, which electrocutes Buster. The alien looks at his instrument, which exceeds a certain level of something. The aliens throw Arthur back out to the clearing] Aaagh! Oof. [the spaceship takes off] What the?!
Alan: It appears that you were too high in cholesterol for the Martians. These aliens, though evil, must be health-conscious.
Alan, Arthur, Francine: The Earth is saved!
Buster: Oogh. [sits up] What happened?? Ouch.
[dissolve to the previous scene, where theh friends are around the sofa]
Buster: The end. [his friends are not impressed.]

PowerPuff Girls: Imaginary Fiend (March 17, 2000)

In "Imaginary Fiend" Blossom and the other girls battle an imaginary fiend. The fiend at one point is throwing coats off the coat rack and onto the ground. Blossom goes to pick the coats up again, but is tripped by something unseen. She slides across the classroom and into the coats and rack. When she gathers herself up, she rises out of the pile dressed as Cartman. She then utters a Cartmanesque line: "Uh…he tripped me. Seriously." Cartman would have said "Seriouslah."

FLCL: Brittle Bullet (English airdate: August 9, 2003)

Anyone heard of FLCL? It was a six-episode show that aired in Japan in 1999, when South Park was at its most popular, what with SP:BLU coming out on June 30 that year and all. FLCL ("Furi Kuri", taken from a symdrome - FLictonic CLiple Weber Syndrome - in the first episode that's supposed to make you horny... literally!) was a pretty experimental anime which used many animation techniques derived from both TV and print. The scenes which have the images fade out towards the edges of the screen are particularly nostalgic. The fifth episode has two scenes in which South Park references can clearly be seen. The first of these is a group of people at a barbershop.

The second is that of 12-year-old Nandaba Naota as Kenny, with bugged out eyes. :)

FLCL is also known as Fooly Coolly, the caption under a picture of Naota taken by Mamimi, a high school student who went on to become a professional photographer. Fooly Coolly has gone on to become the name of a band. Thanks to RekiChan and That_Gregory_Kid for posting info on the series at the SPS BBS.

Drawn Together: A Tale of Two Cows (February 8, 2006)

[Foxxy drives the gang around the cartoon universe pursuing Live-Action Cow. They've taken the offramps to Bedrock and The Future. Third exit is South Park. The town is destroyed and everyone is dead except for one person...]

Spanky: "Where are we?"
Foxxy: "Town of South Park."
[They leave the town]

Spanky: "Now this place is funny. I bet if we lived here more people would watch."

Negima!?: Sayo's Park (February 14, 2007)

Nekane: [to the left] Oh? Miss Ghost, eh?
Natsumi: [to the right] Yeah! It's amazing, isn't it? [the ghost girl Sayo laughs]
Nekane: Do you explode?

Sayo: [yes, a ghost] Well, exploding is a bit...
Nekane: What about a big explosion?
Sayo: Ohhhh... [BOOOOOM]
Natsumi: [now charred] Suicide bombing? [OK! laughter follows]

Negima!?: No way! That's what you do for a probationary contract?! (October 11, 2006)

Boy Meets World

517: And Then There Was Shawn (February 27, 1998)

One scene has Eric saying "Oh my God, they killed Feeny!" after Feeny was found dead in the hall. Another scene was of one of a student, Kenny, getting impaled against the chalkboard with a pencil. Eric utters the requisite line: "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" Eric also does Mr. Hankey in this episode. As he enters the classroom with Jack, he says "Howdy-ho!"

519: Eric Hollywood (March 20, 1998)

Eric says in his normal voice, "I can do Lady Capulet, I can do Friar Laurence, I can do Cartman. [as Cartman] I'm not fat, I'm festively plump." Everyone discovers what a great actor Eric is when he stars in Shakesperean plays at school. He even gets offered a part on the popular ABC sitcom "Kid Gets Aquainted With Universe," which is a self-parody of the show all around.

707: It's About Time (November 5, 1999)

Eric /comes in through the front door and says, "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the best best man of all? (Cartman voice) You are Eric! You are!"

Other References


Near the end of the movie, Death (Whoopi Goldberg) decides to give Stu (Brendan Fraser) back his regular life, and she says "I'll get the two guys who do South Park. I bet they've been begging to come here."

The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno: South Lawn skit

Kenneth Starr was Kenny, and Bill Clinton impaled him with a flagpole.

Student Bodies: Snowed In (February 6, 1999)

This episode has some high school students snowed in the school. Flash fell down while skating in the hallway. Victor saw her and said "Oh my god! thay killed Flash! you bastard!" After that the four boys are shown (drawn in SP style) and Stan (or Kyle) said "First thay stole our snowy theme, now thay're ripping off our lines!" (or something like that). and than Cartman says something that got bleeped. Student Bodies was memorable for the animated clips that highlighted stuff that just happens to the students.

South Park References In Music


The Kids (Drugs are just bad, M'kay?)

"The Kids" is Eminem's cautionary song against drug abuse, and he pretends to be Mr. Mackey in the Chorus. He does a few other voices on the song as well, and he tells the story of a few kids who got into drugs and then into trouble as they became teens and then adults.

Marshall Mathers

I had to sit back and just watch and just get nauseous
and walk around with an empty bottle of Remi Martin
startin shit like some 26-year-old skinny Cartman ("God damnit!")
I'm anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin


C'mon relax GUY, I like gay men, right Ken?

Other References

"Shake Ya Tail Feather," from the soundtrack for Bad Boys 2

I'm young like Tucker like the cash and the money (I'm going to eat my money)
Man, I'm that damn hungry
See I'm starving like Marvin girl
I've got sixteen bars of fire is what I'm starting...

"Gossip Folks" by Missy Elliot and Ludacris

And he's on the grind
Please let me know if he's on your mind
And respect you'll give me
Ludacris I live loud like Timmy

Only problem is, Timmy is Livin' a Lie, not Livin' Loud. :)

"Hip Hop Quotables" by Ludacris

And when I'm drunk tellin kids "drugs are bad mmm-kay"

South Park in Comic Strips

Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott's syndicated strip "Zits", "Humongous Zits" page 153.


"Assorted FoxTrot" page 101

Get Fuzzy

March 31, 2002

Fabruary 25, 2004

User Friendly

March 9, 1998

Close to Home

April 4, 2006

An editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel

July 5, 2006

Grandma's Boy


The Hole


Lucas lowers a camera strapped to a talking Cartman plush into the hole in the basement as his older brother Dane looks on. Just a few feet in, the plush and camera disapear. This is just the beginning of their adventure in this fantasy/horror flick.