South Park Writers

People have been wondering who's written for the show, and when. The writers are shown in the closing credits for each of the episodes, and they've been compiled and presented here up to the end of Season 9. Without further ado:
Trey Parker is the main writer for South Park, but he's had help over the years.

No writers are listed for 912; all the names are replaced with John Smith and Jane Smith as a joke against Scientologists who may want to sue the show for their religion's portrayal there..

Matt Stone wrote for episodes 101-108, 112, 203, 205, 206, 209, 210, 214, 217, 301, 302, 305, 308, 311, and 402
Dan Sterling wrote for episodes 101-107
David Goodman wrote for episodes 107-113, 202, 203, 205-617
Philip Stark wrote for episodes 107-110 and 112
Dave Polsky wrote for episodes 107 and 108
Carol Watson wrote for episodes 107 and 216
Andrew Borakove wrote for 107
Trisha Nixon wrote for 201
Nancy Pimental wrote from 205 to 514, then leaves the show
Pam Brady wrote for 217, 708-810, and 901-906
Kyle McCullough wrote for 310-707 and 710-914 so far
Erica Rivinoja wrote for 505-606, 701-709, and 812-913
Tim Talbot wrote for 512-611
Glasgow Phillips wrote for 601-611
Daisy Gardner wrote for 608
Karey Dornetto wrote for 614-617
Norman Lear wrote for 701 and 704
Dani Michaeli wrote for 808-814
Theresa Mulligan wrote for 810-814
Jonathan Kimmel (as Juan Kimmelini) wrote for 901-914
Toby Morton wrote for 901-906
Kenny Hotz wrote for 908