Weird Expressions on South Park Characters

What weird expressions have you seen on South Park characters? Below is what I have so far.

Barbrady under Alien Control

Cartman under Alien Control

Stan in love after seeing Wendy.

Wendy softly asks Stan to help stop a political assassination.

Catatonic Ned

Catatonic Dr. Adams

Catatonic Elvin

Kyle's lips get pursed when he watches Mr. Hankey swim in Mr. Mackey's coffee cup.

Stan getting queasy in Chef's car as Chef drives Dr. Mephesto to Hell's Pass Hospital.

Stan and the others smiling when they meet Ms Ellen.

Stan is terribly infatuated with Ms. Ellen's leather outfit.

Don't... fuck.. with... Wendy... Testaburger!

The boys doing impressions of Mr. Mackey.

Wendy after Cartman asks where her Cheesy Poofs Regional Champion certificate is.

Mr. Garrsion daydreaming of roasting Lamb Chop.


The "Anime" expression in ChinPokomon

The boys make fun of the old people on dialysis at the dialysis clinic.

Stan and Kyle play with their hats as Shelley sings.

Stan and Kyle make faces at Shelley.

Kyle's nose in Fingerbang.

Their noses as they marvel at the Okama GameSphere

The boys with their "ape look" in Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society

The boys' faces when they see their Christmas presents.

Fatass crying in It's Christmas in Canada.

Kenny looks at his guts

Cartman makes goofy faces for the Special Olympics

Special Olympians

Cartman REALLY has to sneeze!

Kenny with a feeding tube in his stomach.

Damien's eyes when he places a curse on Cartman.

Kyle during "Even A Miracle Needs A Hand".


Butters cackling about blocking out the sun.

Butters gets aroused and is confused.

Butters gets his Preciousss.

Butters longing for AWESOM-O to return.

Special: The Passion of The Jew

Kyle begins to see the horror of the Passion.

Kyle recoils.

Kyle pulls his hat down.

Kyle sneaks a peek.

Kyle hides his face

Kyle glances.

Kyle dares to look.

Kyle lurches forward.

Kyle throws up.

Kyle Drools

Cartman prays to Mel Gibson, grateful for Kyle's conversion.